Opening Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache

Has there been a change to opening the Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache? It used to be done by approaching and accessing the Cache (opening/looting/etc…) It seems that option has been taken away for T2 and T3 level Abyssal sites… anybody?

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Just blow it up. It’s faster and the only thing you get from opening it “properly” is some lore items.

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Pretty much, why waste time with the trig lootboxes, just blow it up and get the decent loot, afaik opening it up only gives out the data caches which drop a random amount of survey data and the older lore items that have no value, you were always meant to blow them up to get the decent loot

I even ran some experiments the other day to see exactly how many survey data’s you got out on average. it “felt” like I was getting slightly more out than I was putting in, and I thought it might be an okay way for an alpha or newbro to boost their income slightly in tier 1’s and 2’s.

but after opening 100 caches, that cost me 600 surveys to buy, I got back a whopping… 601. so it seem that on average you will get out almost exactly as many as you put in. and you do get the lore items that are worth “something”. so I guess if you are REALLLY hard up for isk, you could recycle all your survey data’s on each run and squeeze just that little bit extra out, but for the time required to open them all i’m not really sure if it would be worth it.

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