Operation Epiphany - Zarzakh - Deathless Circle

I’ve read the interacting with Jove Observatories requires an entosis link module :thinking: And there was only one offer to sell 3 modules in entire New Eden an hour ago :confused: And now there is none…

Or maybe this particular event does not require it to get that info out of Observatories?

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FPS EVE when?!


soon™ :stuck_out_tongue:


You need the entosis link to get the data. Someone bought out all orders in Jita and elsewhere and relisted. Typical EVE behavior. :slight_smile:


EVE Marketeer shows there are no sell orders for entosis links T1 & T2 anywhere :confused:

There are no contracts either…

I wonder if CCP anticipated this :thinking: …so should I camp an observatory and wait for somebody to activate the link then gank to get the module? Is that what CCP wanted? :open_mouth:

The ship using the module is (almost) defenseless for the entire cycle - 5min for T1 or 2 mins for T2 module

Seems it will be PvP before PvE can be ensued :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’ve found some observatories already and even met somebody using entlink :wink:


Ok, thanks, found 'em…

Looks boring. Probably no reward or disappointing reward for doing the sites, and they were so worried no one in the Eve Universe has any intrinsic motivation anymore that they were truly worried about the let down and so have to manually send people 50 billion ISK. :joy:


I thought about participating finding these gates and keys because doing stuff for… you know… PLAYER driven reasons… but as soon as they offered the 50B ISK I figured ■■■■ that I don’t want to have to deal with greedy grind bear assholes.


I just hope that they don’t open any gates if no one finds one, or start handing out ridiculous hints for their locations just so that they can progress with this path of the feature instead of coming up with another in true sandbox fashion.

Time will tell if CCP learned or if they are still the same lame duck.


Im willing to bet someone is already spamming Eve Mails to the guy containing every key combination. They’d get 50B without ever undocking.


How are we supposed to compete with the people who already live and are dug-in in Angel and Guristas space?

A very interesting trailer, it must be said. CCP proves once again that it knows how to spark hype for new content. More specifics are needed, however, to be able to objectively assess how much the new event will actually be an interesting break from the ordinary in this game. I would very much like to believe that this will be the long-awaited refresh of New Eden and more lore content, because after the Triglavian invasion and the creation of Pochven… disappointment remained, at least for me.

Just from reading that cryptic write up, imo CCP has once again added way too many hoops to jump through with way too much stuff being required to find those gates.

Multiple info fragments need to be collected from Guristas and Angel Pirate NPC Commanders that, if lucky, spawn maybe 10% of the time.

Various Jovian Symbolic Navigators need to be retrieved from Jove Observatories.

All of those items then need to be used in the appropriate combination in the correct star system just to get the gate location.

As for the reward of 50 billion ISK = those who are successful in deciphering the fragmented records and discover the location of a Jovian stargate, have to evemail Matshi Raish directly with the name of the star system in the title. The evemail should include an outline of the solution path and a shared location folder containing a bookmark for the discovered stargate.

Also from that cryptic write up, sounds like there’s more than one gate… If that is the case, then that fact alone will make this extremely hard to complete. Definitely sounds very complicated and time consuming.

Now about the 50 bill isk reward, only the first one who finds the gate, writes up some sort of science report with a bookmark and evemails it - titled with name of star system - to Matshi Raish directly will get the reward.

I don’t know about you but imo that’s way too many hoops to jump through…


Your not. That’s my guess.

Due to the diverse play styles in this game, CCP often make “content” for a specific target demographic, often what seems a small group. If your not in that group then you just have to wait for when they might make something for you.

This is also content I wont have access to, but I hope those it’s for enjoy it.

Have you tried killing them?


Killing people to get access to PvE content? How EvE.

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I didn’t see anything in that write-up about needing to be in Angel and Guristas space. It just mentions having to get Fragments from Commander NPC’s. Those NPC’s have a small percent chance of spawning when an exploration combat site is completed.

Obviously will definitely need more than one fragment to find the location. I’m thinking maybe each level of combat site will have a specific fragment added to the loot drop of Commander NPC’s. Probably gonna need to have all of them.

Course all of the above will be governed by CCP’s RNG tables. And that’s typical CCP mode, make everything be a major pain in the ass grind fest.

You deserve to win automatically with no difficulty or challenge.

Awww why CCP keeps teasing us with CQs trailers?) Wasn’t it said that it’s:

not a sensible investment of development time

??? Not fair! Do it in style of old “rmrnstuff” or “eve_hell” videos ;p

P.S. Nice trailer :+1:

I am entitled to a 50 billion ISK participation reward.