Operation Magic School Bus

(Wanda Fayne) #61

Merry Christmas! A small donation from my paltry wallet :wink:

Everyone else is getting Antimatter :rofl:

(Tirin Turambar) #62

Not to mention a thing about all the help you give in the rookie channel. You know…this is what brings folks back and continue with EVE. Yes, you have your element of cold heartedness, but their is also a community too. Thanks OP

(Keno Skir) #63

Fist set almost died, but new tank has been doing perfectly well given 2 identical fits repping each other with decent skills.

(Bad Breath Angelo) #64

@Mike_Azariah - I have a pretty decent collection of maxed BPO’s I’d be willing to run copies off for you. PM me

BPC-s are up on contracts for you Mike. Let me know if you want or need anything else and IO’ll see what I can do.

(Trade Primative) #65

Got a free ship a few min ago, i cant fly it yet, but in a few i will be able to. Thanks Mike!

(Mike Azariah) #66

Thank you


(Kira Kaliandra) #67

I used to do this a lot a while ago but i didnt have a shiny poster to show for :slight_smile:

Of what i can remember, a lot of the time no one checks local which is understandable for new people but still … Often cases ive stayed in a starter system advertising free stuff yet no one said anything :frowning:

I approve of this initiative!

(Mike Azariah) #68

When I am lucky 5% is the ‘answer’ vs pop of the system. Bad days I can do all three or a racial career systems and nobody speaks up.

It comes and goes but was better when I could also remind folks that it wass going on while in Rookie Help chat. But that IS against channel rules.


(Mike Azariah) #69

Just finished a pass through Minmatar space and was moderately happy with the turnout. Had my motives questioned, as usual, but overall folks were speaking up.


(Agsatai sagu) #70

thank you very much for the free stuff…totally unexpected !!!

(KodiAKK) #71

Thank you for the free ship Mike, it will definitely expedite my adventures in space

(Mike Azariah) #72

And that is what it is for. If they keep saying ‘never undock in something you cannot afford to lose’? This cost you nothing.


(Zanatos Vonstein) #73

This guys really doing a nice thing helping out new players and givng them a reason to enjoy the game and explore the galaxy Mike Azariah good show M8

(Lango McMahon) #74

Got a backup punisher just now, appreciate it.

(Semi Fredo) #75

Was impressed by what this guy is doing. Very nice of him. I’m a veteran player but he gave me some blueprints for ships. 100% leggit

(Mar Helmer) #76

Last night, Mike was generous enough to gift me a fully kitted Rupture—complete with a 21 million ISK rig installed. As I told him, I promise to pay it forward once I’m able.

(Drago Shouna) #77

There’s a couple of contracts up Mike.

Have fun.

(Mike Azariah) #78

There are reasons Bus ships often have rigs.

  1. new players need every edge they can get
  2. If they try to repack to sell it then they will lose/destroy the rig
    the perceived loss (even if they did get it for free) may encourage them to keep and use the ship

Yes, I think like that.


(Adrian Middle) #79

Thank you, Mike!

New Kestrel 3.2 just in time - I need to complete last task in Advanced Military Career.

With best wishes,

(Headworms) #80

Hi Mike, you gave me a talwar which prompted me to train(and learn) how missiles work and now I’m clearing lvl 2 security missions with it.

Thanks man, feels good to have some isk jingle-jangling in my pocket.