Operation Magic School Bus

(Keno Skir) #81

Mike still hasn’t given me a Komodo.

Big meany really.

(Michael J Todd) #82

what a legend and the real deal, popped into couster system and I received a free catalyst from him! Many thanks!

(DrysonBennington) #83

I think CCP should give Operation School Bus its own unique ship and skin along with Magic School Bus skins to the Rookie Capsuleers.

(Boldly Gone) #84

But don’t make him flashy :slight_smile:

(DrysonBennington) #85

I also think it would be great if Mike set up a referral system for Rookie Capsuleers.

Since Mike Azariah has a very good reputation he could:

  1. Miners donate some of their ore or mineral to him where they receive referral points, Each new level of referral would see the Rookie Capsuleer receive a Referral Medal that can be displayed so that when they leave the Magic Bus Corporation they can present their medals to their new corporation.

The minerals, loot and even PLEX that is donated would then go towards helping Rookie Capsuleers in their quests while part of The Magic Bus Corporation.

It would sorta be like the Rookie missions offered to the Rookie Capsuleer but the missions would be Capsuleer designed and ran.

(Keno Skir) #86

Mike already gets donations, it’s just that currently he doesn’t have to spend all his time juggling referral accounts and bizarre little participation medals…

(Bad Breath Angelo) #87

this would be awesome - big banana yellow skins with a stop sign that extends when docking

(Hadrian Amelana) #88

Mike, the man with the bounty who helps the newbs. This guy is a hero. See you in rookie.

(Keno Skir) #90

A school bus SKIN for mike would be the only one off personal SKIN I would support.

(It might just be because @DrysonBennington said something worthwhile and I want to remember it forever)

(Nevin Skir) #91

Keep up the good work Mike you are definitely improving Eve by your efforts

(Mike Azariah) #92

I often wonder if there is any followup conversations in local after I leave.


(Keno Skir) #93

Yeah we all talk sh*t about you the second you’re gone. I heard you got botox.

(Mike Azariah) #94

Nope I made all this fat the old fashioned way. By eating my enemies . . .


(Drigo Segvian) #95

Really cool! +1

(Cu Magus) #96

Seen the tail end of your msg in local, after wrapping up my missions i checked your info. maybe next time ill catch you :slight_smile:

(Mike Azariah) #97

I do laps so I will be back in your region soon enough. Currently in Gallente space.


(Friday Baldwine) #98

You really do Rock Mike, thanks again Sir!

(Keno Skir) #99

You lost that Nestor yet?

(Dekhmar Havoc) #100

Still can’t believe it wasn’t a scam.

Thanks again, Mike! Not only is the ship kick-ass, but just seeing how it could be fitted out was educational.

(Mike Azariah) #101

As is often said, I am very hard to believe in.