Operation Magic School Bus

(Solstice Projekt) #102

I believe in you.

(billy Joringer) #103

one approves.

(Emkae Ultra) #104

Good person doing good things, much appreciated.

(Pyxunu) #105

I like stubborn Carebears.

(Minmatar Citizen 1748223247) #106

Thank you again, for your kindness !

From a humble soul in Heimatar Republic - Republic University ! (that asks a lot of questions :wink: ) and keep the good work you’re doing!

(g00d d0gg) #107

Thank you for the free ship it is so cool

(Thayn Draconis) #108

Thank you so much for my new ship! This was really unexpected. I’m flabbergasted :laughing:

(Mike Azariah) #109

That seems to be a fairly common reaction. I truly wish I could see faces of players when I do what I say I will do.


(Cpt Salt) #110

Thanks for the Rupture Mike! Not only that but the fittings OMG - I would never have thought of fitting it like that. This is going to kick ass!

Top guy. Cheers!

(Mike Azariah) #111

Do not assume my fits are perfect or even well done, just they are something to get the new folks started. Feel free to upgrade and or make better or make to suit what you are doing.


(Boldly Gone) #112

Many players forget about the limitations Newbros have in fitting their first ships.
New players are very thankful for hints how to fit and a good example they can fit and afford. That’s kind of an art regarding CPU and Power, Cap, skills and ISK of a Newbro. They won’t win EvE with such a ship, but they might have enough tank and DPS for Lvl 1 rats or even Dagan.
So your help is very appreciated!

(Analin Ituin) #113

Big thanks to Mike for a nicely appointed Algos. I now have a starting point for my skill planning and can infer a great deal about the hull/fit strengths or weaknesses just by looking at the skills I need to utilize the build to it’s full potential.

(Winston Onzo) #114

Thank you for the CoraX!!!

(Ralex Avaroxus) #115


(Mike Azariah) #116

You are both welcome. Been a quiet set of runs, lately so it is nice when someone speaks up.


(Tesla Nietzsche Sun-Tzu) #117

How do you actually gift objects to people? I’ve gotten a few skill books from exploration that I already bought and thought about just giving them, and other stuff, to random new players but can’t figure out how to do it, all I see is give them ISK. How do you manage to give entire ships set up like that?

(Mike Azariah) #118

There are two ways

  1. Be in the same station as the other person, rt click their name and open trade. I give the ship and hit accept thus there is no requirement of pay. They hit accept and get the ship. Oddly they also get a ‘warning’ that the ship they are getting has fittings. This is how I do it with the Bus as I expect at least the minimum of them being awake.

  2. Contracts allow you to give something to someone who is not in the system or even online at the time. Gather together select and then create a contract for a specific person. The items are still where they were given from since there is no delivery but this is the second way I know to give something.

Theoretically there is a THIRD way, most likely used by shadier characters and that would be a dead drop in a quiet system. A distant safe and shared bookmark would allow you to jettison goods or even leave a ship and then the other person picks it up. As this was not a transaction it would not show as well on ‘books’.


(once a teacher, always a teacher)

(Tesla Nietzsche Sun-Tzu) #119

Thanks, that seems easy enough. The warning is a little strange, it’s not like you planted a bomb or have some elaborate trap set up.
The dead drop in space just sounds like a scam, even if you had met near Concord ships, still seems like a scam.

(Daniel Aivores) #120

I just wanted to say Thank you again Mike when I seen you online. I’ve only just started an Omega account, and have never played Eve Online before so kinda jumping in head first into it so to speak. I know there are a lot of scammers on this game, but to find somebody in the the first few days online genuine that just says here’s a ship if you just speak up. That was awsome to see. Still gotta figure out all the modules and so forth but gives me even more to look foward to in the game.

In short this is for real wow.

(Mike Azariah) #121

Please remember that I do not claim the ships that I give are the ‘best’ fit.

What they should be is ready and able to do things and easy to get into for an alpha pilot.