Operation Magic School Bus

(Chillin) #122

Thanks for helping this old rookie out Mike, keep up the good work.

(Huxian) #123

Just Dropping in to say hi, and many thanks for my new ship Mike.
Keep up the good work and share the cool storys with us newbies.

(Goose726) #124

Hey Mike, You still doing this? I’m an old char from back in 2006 and have plenty of old BPC’s that I might like to donate to you. If your interested that is. Have an alt that was pretty big into industry and production. As well as many old ships mainly T1 and a few T2 frigates and cruisers shuttles and mining lasers. What systems do you roam through and do you get into Jita often? Much of my stuff is spread out through high and low sec systems. I do remember that I have a lot of drake BPC’s though.
I just reactivated my accounts but not yet in the game do to computer issues.

(Mike Azariah) #125

I am absolutely stil doing this. Any and all bpc’s are welcome

this week is the trade hub visits.

after dec 25 is back to the career systemsm

(Hawkwood Farron) #126

Just wanted to thank you for the new ship. You’re helping a newbro big time. Happy holidays.

(Mike Azariah) #127

You are very welcome. For those of you who follow? The Bus is in Dodixie today and wil be hitting Rens in the next day or three.


(Lunaria Krosth) #128

I just want to say thanks once again, as new player you are helping me a lot, for real, you are great!

(Lance Lonigen) #129

Well, I’ve always heard about Eve Online and after years of doubt - this game is too hard, you should play this game with Excel, and to just fly a battleship you must spend a few weeks training and you still may lose it in one gank/battle - I’ve finally decided to try Eve.
I was doing industrial agent’s tutorial missions while watching Scott Manley’s guides for beginners when I saw Mike’s line in local chat: newbies, School Bus has arrived, come and receive a free ship! I’ve heard a lot about scamming in Eve (and that scamming is not punished by ToS) and at first I was sure that there’s no free ship. That just can’t be. And there’s 15 BILLION bounty on this guy’s head? That’s definitely a scam, right? No.
I had nothing to lose and decided to accept Mike’s offer. You can only imagine how wide my eyes were when I got a brand new Kestrel. There was a notice in trade window that ship may not be equipped, but that didn’t mattered, it’s a brand new ship!
The cherry on the top of this situation was that Kestrel was fully equipped. I felt like I won a lottery.

Mike, thank you for your kindness. I’ve nothing to pay for it, but to share my little story with you. I’ll save this ship as a reminder how generous and welcoming the Eve community was when I was a newbie (if I ever stop being one of course) and I’ll remember this and will share this story. :slight_smile:

P.S. sorry if there’re any mistakes in text, English is not my first language.

(DrysonBennington) #130

150 million ISK donated Mike.

(Xuxe Xu) #131

Well done, Mike and all who help new players.

(Mike Azariah) #132

If you look waaay back in my corp history and my first corp (and the CEO) you will realize how truly appropriate this gif is. . . . though I was the Cat


(Xuxe Xu) #133

Smegineers eh? lol Well, well - how about that.

(Marie Kaster) #134

Ok. I like the idea of this, how can I help?

(Mike Azariah) #135

There are lots of ways to help. Talk in local if in a career system, answer questions. That is the best one.

To help the Bus you can donate ships or isk, contract to me (Mike Azariah) and I will continue to do my rounds and encourage the new players until I run out of assets.


(Roda Ronuken) #136

Hey, Mike, bus driver exemplar! As a few days old noob, I thank you for a fitted out frigate which I can fly. Can’t replace it yet, but when I mine a bit more, I’ll be able to and will go try something new and fun. I like your style! You are really taking the road less traveled and enjoying the scenery… Fly safe!

(Zenour Noud) #137

This handy dandy Coercer is a little stronger than my skills at the moment, but I can grow into it with some better powergrid management. Thanks again!

(Mike Azariah) #138

I make guesses as to what I think the pilot can fly. If it does not suit them right away it is usually a short set of skills away.


(Captin Cripple) #139

Fresh player here, responded cynically to the offer of no strings freebies and he legit gave me a fit noob-flyable frig!

Not the EVE I was warned about!

An actual nice EVE player…

I now need to reevaluate my principles and preconceptions!

(Xuxe Xu) #140

Don’t do that. Mike is part of the minority who are the exception when it comes to eve players. Sharpen your paranoia.

(Mr Zeppo) #141

Will be saying hello in game @Mike_Azariah!!!

Not just in hopes of recieving my First 30 Days gift… but to ask you what can be done to help you expand your program in any way!