Operation Magic School Bus

(Mike Azariah) #142

I try to warn pilots of that.


(Di Mardoll) #143

Meet @Mike_Azariah today. Thank you so much )

(Mike Azariah) #144

You are very welcome.

Quick reminder to keep local open on the side, folks. Almost every Bus run has someone message me that they missed the Bus because ‘reasons’ If you do? ask where I am or where I am heading, some folks do catch up to me at a later stop.


(Juantus Thellere) #145

Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Pretty Awesome!

(safira jomita) #146

Greetings, nice doing…

(Mike Azariah) #147

The Bus is on vacation for a couple of weeks, I will be back, refreshed and ready to go about the 13th


(DeMichael Crimson) #148

Hi Mike, after all these years it’s great to know you’re still helping new players.

I hope you have a good vacation.

(Gage Audene) #149

I give big thank you to Mike here! And urge everyone to pay close attention to local chat!! It can pay off big for you when you least expect it to. The Bus is making its rounds.

(Chad Spunko Kardazhian) #150

Got a fully fitted Magick Kestrel 3.2, all of the gear selected without special requirements, could just hop in and fly it right away.