Optimal range bonus VS falloff range bonus drugs and implants; Falloff bonuses are much weaker and need buffing

Sooth sayer and frentix are drugs for improving weapon range. They offer bonus to falloff (sooth sayer) and optimal (frentix) ranges. Strengths for both are same 10%, 15% and 20% for standard, improved and strong.

At first look one could think that they would be somewhat equal for their use cases: optimal bonus for weapons with good optimal and falloff bonus to weapons with good falloff. But that is not the case.


Now some figures to show how bad sooth sayer is. Figures compare the ship with and without drug showing dps outputs and received increase in damage output. All figures are drawn from 0 km to end of first falloff (60% dps loss). Each figure has dashed 10% damage bonus marker.

Don’t mind if the ships shown here aren’t “good”. The same can be seen on any ship with similar optimal-falloff characteristics.

Lets look at frentix first.
Apocalypse with some beam lasers and multifrequency crystals.

The ship receives very noticeable boost in damage output at the falloff range. Soon after half falloff the ship already receives impressive 20% bonus to its damage output. The frentix greatly enhances lasers when fighting at the edge of optimal range.

This figure is for long range lasers but exact same happens with all weapon systems that have long optimal and shorter falloff.

And now sooth sayer.
Maelstrom with 800mm AC.

This time the damage bonus is visible practically at all ranges but it is so small. At half falloff the weapons receive measly 5% damage increase. Eventually when the ship receives 10% damage bonus approximately 40% of the damage is already lost to range.

Artillery doesn’t have things any better.

The optimal bonus is also noticeably better for railguns.

The weak sooth sayer is also clearly visible in market as the sooth sayer is clearly cheaper less desired drug and cheaper than frentix.


If you look at any module that modifies optimal and falloff ranges you will notice that they all are twice as strong for falloff: Tracking computer II gives +7.5% optimal but +15% falloff, trackign enhancer II gives 10% optimal but 20% falloff and so on.

I think this trend should continue in drugs so that the sooth sayer would give greater bonus to falloff.

Maelstrom with 800mm AC receiving 20% bonus to falloff.

The 20% falloff bonus would still give less dps increase than 10% optimal bonus on lasers, but that is acceptable as it spans over whole engagement range instead of only edge of optimal. 20% may be a bit too much for the standard drug but 10% is definitely too little.

The same problem exist for optimal range and falloff range implants. The 5% optimal implant is equal in requirements and costs to 5% falloff implant while offering much greater benefits.


One of the rare arguments for change around here that are based on rationale that can be (and is) backed up by data.

Good post.

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What fit are you using to get those stats? They don’t line up with reality…

Either your stats are wrong, or you have other bonuses.

@C-137 you have there the same figures as I have with just a ~7 km shift in where optimal ends. If you want exactly same figure as I have add one tracking computer.

Ah I was assuming BS V.

You really need to extend your graphs beyond Optimal+Falloff. You are only seeing half the picture.

The balance between the two bonuses depends on the balance between the Optimal and Falloff of the gun + ammo. See the Rohk:

I had the figures to end of first falloff only since at that point you already lose 60% of your dps.

Deeper in falloff the fallof bonus gives higher % dps increase but 30% dps increase isn’t helping much when you have already lost 80% of your dps to range.

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