Optimus/Bumblebee window size

Currently trying to set up EVE on my Gentoo install. Package versions are:
nvidia drivers: 396.24-r1
wine-staging: 3.13
bumblebee: 3.2.1
virtualgl: 2.5.2
Both 32-bit and 64-bit ABI for all of the above.

Firing up the game (mostly) works. The launcher comes up and starts the game as normal, but once the EVE client window opens it is extremely small. Trying to scale the window up stretches the contents within the space of the existing frame, but doesn’t actually render anything in the new, additional space.

The issue seems to occur as it launches the client window. The launcher itself can be scaled up/down just fine, and running the client via the Intel GPU everything works as expected.

Switching from virtualgl to primus has no effect. I’ve also tried telling WINE to render a virtual desktop, and playing the game from within that, with no luck.

Anybody run into this?

Well, I spoke too soon. Optirun continues to to act up, but primusrun seems fine after a reboot. Not sure why, it didn’t rebuild any modules or anything. Problem solved…ish.

No idea what’s causing this behaviour you’re seeing, but perhaps switch to a different desktop. Xfce4 works quite well and fast when it comes to games. Your problem could be related to the desktop environment you’re using and to the window compositor.

You can also try to change the game setting itself, and switch from fullscreen to window-mode in the ESC-menu, to see if this makes any difference.

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Thanks for the advice! I did try changing the game resolution and toggling fullscreen mode to no avail. Will try out another WM shortly.

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Ive noticed different displays change the available options in the esc-menu.

I have a 32 or 35 inch emerson tv I can set to portrait mode and have two character screens scaled as if I had one on my laptop screen. Also, I have a larger visio that I can only ever fit one character window on no matter the settings because it is just a little less of a widescreen format/construction than the emerson. I can only size the windows so far on it and the UI scaling in the eve esc menu only goes to 90% whether landscape or portrait.

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