Option to launch the game client in UI-Only Mode

basically title, i know i can bind it to a hot key but i’m lazy, sue me

Nah, totally agree. Hopefully it can improve loading into different characters as well.

It’s still pretty early stages in implementation, as the jump animation still shows when going from system to system, so hopefully they can fix that and whatever other bugs there are.

We are talking about CCP. They do not fix bugs, they introduce new ones. Is People and Places taking ages to load bookmarks for you, too?

As for the topic: Not unreasonable. If they do that, however, it would also be nice of they introduced new indicators for things like bubbles. Without adding them to the overview or brackets, which makes performance and readability of the overview take a nose dive (and does not help with hictors), it’s quite difficult to see if you are in one or not in UI-only.

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