Option to remove all the clutter and stop the data collecting?

(Che Galtor) #1

Anyone found an option to remove the Users Column and all the icons?
Same thing goes for the spam you see underneath the opening post of a new topic…

Oh and while i’m typing this, does someone know how i can -STOP- the “Your topic is similar to…” screen?
Because this topic is not at all similar to a topic of someone talking about a YC119 Writing contest or the requirements of flying a Rorqual.

Terrible UX you picked CCP!
The framework of this forum is about collecting user data -a la facebook- and not to provide a better forum experience to the people that play this game. No Kudos for you guys this time.

(GX307) #2

This echos some of my complaints as well. The signal to noise ratio (if you include the ridiculous whitespace) is terrible, can barely read 3 posts and have to scroll some more.

Options to remove/not show pictures, signatures and other nonsense unless specifically wanted.

Plus why do we need googletagmanager.com for a forum? Is our content going to be fodder for ads or other stuff we dont want?