Ore distribution

Other then mercoxit, I think that all regions should have all ores available. But you keep the quantities proportional to the security level of the system. So we could find arkonor, bistot, crokite, etc, in low and high sec. But in very small quantities. This would have several advantages.

First of all, it would help keep the high-end ore prices in check on the market, at least it would help to not reach crazy high prices.

It would help the small/rookie industrialists that live in hs to be somewhat more competitive, having small quantities of high-end ores available to them for their small operations.

It would create a new type of miner: the roaming miner. Going system to system hunting for those high-end ores. And this would most likely create a higher demand for the endurance and prospect
ships, smaller and faster. This would be a less boring way to mine.

And for ns players having access to some hs ores will be helpful too. And for Ls players players, well no one really cares :wink:

Also I would make a small change to mining skills where high-end ores need higher skills to mine.

I think this is a fair way to distribute ores; some availability in hs without taking away the advantages of mining in ns. And ns keeps the unique access to mercoxit with access to small quantities of hs ores.

Or, to be more competitive, you can just go to the areas where the ore is available and get it. And you even say the benefits to this…saved me from writing…ty…

It would create a new type of miner: the roaming miner. Going system to system hunting for those high-end ores. And this would most likely create a higher demand for the endurance and prospect
ships, smaller and faster. This would be a less boring way to mine.


Aside from the megacyte and zydrine ores, I can’t think of any minerals that don’t appear in HS. The ores are just lower quality, so you’ll need to mine more, which is the tradeoff for the CONCORD deterrent.

It would help the players who play right after downtime to snatch all these high-end ores. You will ask for more.

Scouting for resources should be a major part of mining operations regardless of which security you are in. I’d go further for hisec tho and make only the basic ores available in belts, all the others and ice only available in cosmic sig sites, so you have to scan them down. Sites would spawn similar to gas sites and CCP could adjust the spawn rates and range to balance supply. So if you make the effort to find the resources you get the reward. This is an easy way to make mining more interactive with current mechanics.


Fixed that for you. Just make the ore sigs bigger and better the lower the security.


I’d be happy with that. For lowsec it would make operations more viable and push miners out of hisec to some extent. Not sure about null and the sov mechanics tho, potentially a mixture? Dunno. I spose if the resources you need are in someone else’s sov there is potential for more conflict which is A Good Thing ™ but the details of the mechanics would be important (ok stating the obvious).

No. No it wouldn’t. They’re in highsec for a reason, to avoid being shot at. You would just have a bunch of unhappy players sitting in highsec with nothing to do. This would do nothing to change the fact that they want to avoid being shot at. You could give them free ships and fittings and the most valuable ore in the game and they would still avoid it because they don’t want to be killed.

It’s true that most hisec miners are comfy in their afk orcas & barges. But there are some who will go into low/null. But atm the only viable lowsec option is moon goo raiding which can be fun in a small venture fleet. But before moon mining was introduced into hisec more alphas would try lowsec for belts and anoms, but now there is no point.

With the fleets I was involved in we gave alphas fitted ventures and underwrote their pod if they had implants. The proportion willing to give it a try was small, and the proportion willing to go back again was smaller but there was still some.

More of an incentive atm is if you tell them one venture load of lowsec gas can be 50 mill worth.

Other than mercoxit, this is exactly what we already have via HS moon mining. Technically, morphite was later made available in HS as well, via higher-end conduit ore, so all minerals are available, everywhere.

This is exactly how I started, barely two years ago. Pretty much as @Yberta_Molk described. I learned mining on ice first, tramping through HS ore anoms when those belts were down. Then I trained into moon mining when it was announced for LS.

I hit the void flying and ninja mined the very first LS producers in my venture. I ended up living in LS as a result, taking out higher end ores not available in HS when I couldn’t find belted moons. CCP completely nerfed that lifestyle by introducing HS moon mining with all mineral ores types available. And now they are nerfing HS moon content, but it remains to be seen if they will go back to that more skewed distribution.

Again, this is already the case when you need higher skills to use T2 crystals on higher end ores. That is one of the advantages of prospect/ endurance in LS … you can’t use strip miners so don’t need to bother with that training. But you can’t get the yield either. That’s why endurance is nice, you can ninja mine LS moons and then take out higher end ice in-between.


Endurance is my fave mining boat.

I changed my mind about endurance. Prospect was always my preference because I could fly it cloaked and see if LS moons were working, even if owners were around. This made it much better for scouting & mapping followed by tramp mining.

However, endurance is much more slippy to travel in, at 3 sec align. When you use mining drones it is also a better miner than prospect. Everyone assumes your endurance is mining ice, when it fact it can be doing so much more. Even ratting. I tend now to use endurance or porpoise when I still go LS ninja mining occasionally. I wish I could have flown porpoise back when I used to have to go to LS to get gneiss etc.

If the Endurance could also do venture level gas huffing I’d prob use nothing else in lowsec. I used it in null for ice & goo, with a DDA in low I could take out anything up to BC rats and speedtank anything bigger. The cloak velocity bonus is often overlooked but brill, orbit the rock/berg, if you get jumped then spin off the rock, cycle AB if u have it & cloak.

Also good for hauling out compressed ore/ice.

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