Ore Redistribution, Mid October Update Question

I have some Ore that is compressed…

Now, do I need to Reprocess this Ore before the Update ???

Will the Update effect Ore that has been mined already and compressed that’s my question…


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but i have a feeling you will have to reprocess some day because now the market will be minerals not compressed ore
good trades buddy

Of course it does.

Ok thank you

content of all ore will be changed to what is in update. It’s your decision if you like current numbers or post update.

Ok will reprocess all the ore that I have and compressed ore tomorrow

that should make station owners smile


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o sry i didn’t realize the content of the ores will change
i was under the impression that they would just change location

that’s why I was asking.

If I mine the ore, will the ore mined, be effected???

The ore mined for the last couple weeks, in station compressed waiting to reprocess.

I usually reprocess on the weekends.

Sorry its kind of vague in the update notes… It says the asteroids will be effected after the update.

So I was wondering about it??

Does that make any sense??

Most mineral counts went down, though a few went up by negligible amounts in fewer ores than the counts down. I reprocced all my ores already. Pick your poison.

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Be sure to jump into the right clone if you have the implant.

A few % better yield is a bonus if your going to reprocess large quantity of Ore at once.

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