Orochimaru Angel Part 5


His vision and charm attracted thousands of people and for some time the Nation flourished. But Sansha became ever more warped as his success increased. He started experiments, combining capsule technology with the human mind, creating zombie-like creatures that had the cold, calculating mind of a computer, but the ingenuity of humans.

The work in Amarr is rolling on, Orochimaru has been praised for a few weeks for both her work and friends around the systems. She has noticed that she adapts very well, and has no problem to learn things, especially the language. Not fluid yet, but good enough that some Amarrians do not realise who she is, before they see her face at least.

She sits in space in Hanan, where they produces personnel and sells skill packages. Its another golden staion,
After having recently left a document that is to be introduced in the books for new lessons, She now has almost four hours to relax. The engine is switched off and she is floating now beside a storm planet.
Storm worlds are usually considered terrestrial planets, although to a casual eye they may appear more similar to gas planets, given their opaque, high-pressure atmospheres.

Unaware that a cloaked ship is approaching, She closes her eyes for a while and relaxes.

With a bang she wakes up. “What was that,” she hurried to the control panel, looking through the causes. The computer sorts and analyzes the files, but not soon enough. She is worried. “Hurry up you”,

Before she gets any answers, everything gets quiet. The lighting goes down and she has no control over her ship once more, The ship starts up again, is it working?, she presses buttons but the ship does not respond. Infront of the ship opens a black hole. “Oh no”, not sure what to do she runs to the windows, To be a black hole it’s quite small, so it has to be a wormhole.
The ship start moving forward and she cant do anything but tag along. “I must tell someone” she buttons the codes to Hanan station. “Anyone hear me, i am…” it goes silent. She is on her own. The thought scares her while she is slowly swallowed up by the wormhole.

Through time and space, the ship rushes. Almost like a regular warp, though darker and not as stable.
“Why is this happening”. Running back to the windows the ship has now stopped again.
Nothing. There is nothing out here. She looks around for some landmarks but sees nothing.

There’s someone on board the ship, She knows it, She hears it. Orochimaru turns slowly around.
“We hAve BEen LocKinG For You”

She cant see their faces, and a blue light flashes before her eyes.
Laying on the floor unknown pilots approaches. They threw her on the shoulder of one of them, which is not so easy because she weighs like two. They move her to their own ship.

She’s knocked out, bound and lonely. Another engine noise begins to roar. Is this a dream?, or does she register information even when she is knocked out?

Another wormhole opens and the ship and Orochimaru slowly enter the darkness. She still dont know if it is a dream, but it feels like she can think. Does anyone know where she is? Did i get through to the station?, How will they find me?. So many questions but noone here to ansver them.
those questions dont really matter tho. There is another question that triumph them all.

Where am i goin?

Next Part: You always must pay

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Just managed to read parts 4 and 5 this evening after a stressful day.

I enjoyed them both very much and feel much better now :hugs:

Looking forward to part 6 and reading more of Orochimaru’s adventures!

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