Orochimaru Angel Part 3

Part 3
One implant was missing

Amarr Empire is a patchwork of rules and regulations, customs and traditions. The Ardishapur family, the Kador family, the Sarum family, the Kor-Azor family and the Tash-Murkon family is the five families that together rule the Armarrians. But they also take orders from The Amarr Emperor.
Religion runs Amarr, and isk of caurse.
The room they were in was so big that Monan`s Paladin would be able to get there without problems. The roof was supported by extreme pillars, and the walls had ornaments and screens with information and advertising. Everything is in golden color with parts of brown.
Orochimaru stood at the front of the hall, and in front of her was one of the families, above her head stood the Sarum family logo. Like a church, hundreds of people behind her sat in rows. She could hear giggles and foul words, but it was overwhelmed by harmonious music.

She knew she did not belong here, she saw it clearly. She looked down her right arm and inspected all the scars. Her neck gives a silent mechanical sound. No, she’s different.
The people in front of her had not said a word yet, but they judge her, condemn her to embarrassment ?, to prison ?, to death …

“Slave” She hear

Slave was a normal word to hear, she looks up to the throne and prepares one, yes sir.

" Sansha Slave" she hear again.
With nothing to say to that she closes her mouth. The people in the back got quiet and the music faded to about half then before.

“You was recently a Sansha Slave” The words after that was not possible to hear.

Now the time is here, Now she will find out what her fate is. Whatever happens she must be strong,
One lady from the side panels started walking towards the throne. They talked for a while, and the head of Sarum family nodded.

" Orochimaru Angel will follow Edami Dantan" A strong voice echoed in the hall. People around now started to stand up.

“Learn our religion, our customs and our language, and we will see if you are one of the Amarrians”

With that statement, she was asked to accompany Edami Dantan. Edami seemed like a nice Amarrian but Orochimaru could even see her being a determining person. She was led through a door to the right, The sound from the big hall was silenced when the door hit behind her. The walk was lit by candles and the windows on the left exposed the outside of the station. She remembered her old home. This was very different. Oro observes Edami’s red hair, clothes and walking style.
At last she thought, at last, I became one of Amarrians. Her smile is interrupted when she sees her mirror image in the window. I am ugly, Her face hade scars all over and there was no hair left. As she passes the windows she looks at her reflection and dislike it more and more.

“” CoMe BaCk tO Us""

A voice whispered in her head, she recognized the voice. An ice cold rush ran through her body and she took her forehead. She had stayed and Edami also.
“what was that” Oro thought, She knew that voice, and after a few seconds she knew.

Rollose Angomenne that was him. He was one of her overlords, but how.
Orochimaru shook her head and then looked up at Edami. Their eyes met and Orochimaru froze, Did she hear him to?.
“Whats the hold up?” Edami said in question.
“Sorry Nothing” said Orochimaru.
“Then lets go”. Edami started walking again.
She probably didnt hear that. This was all in Orochimaru`s head. They both walked along but the question still remains, How could she hear that, Her memory chould not work as normal, Especially the memories about Sanshas. All her inromation was stored inside her head in a special chip. This chip was not able to be accessed with the normal function, it had to be drawn out to be read.
The removal of Deep Injected Memorys is not to be taken lightly, Delicate equipment is needed and pain is also a factor, Tho the pain for Orochimaru is a none existing. The operation room was heavily illuminated and they had not saved on the tools. Everything looked sterile and in the middle was a bed with white sheets.
She was asked to lay down on the bed and breath slowly.

“This will hurt” said one of the doctors.
“You want something for the pain?” he added.

“That wont be nessesary” claimed Orochimaru, i wont feel a thing anyway she mumbled.

There were three doctors in the room. In full view of what would be done they picked up tools and wrote in their journals. One came with a big needle stuck in a hose, while other glued measuring tools around her face and chest.

“Just relax” one claimed.

She did not touch a mine, Her face looked lifeless. The doctor with the needle pressed a button and Orochimaru ended up in upright position, her head was hanging down. With precision, he inserted the needle into the scalp at the cerebellum and connected to a computer screen. Data started to flow.
The whole process took not more than a few minutes, and they removed the beedle.

A deep breath was heard and Orochimaru lifted her head, The eyes had been bleached so now only white was visible.

" You dare spy on Sansha Nation!!" Orochimaru mutters

She stands up and looks at the doctors.

“You think you know technology, you know nothing. You’ll never …” Orochimaru stopped talking,

Her body collapsed on the floor and all the machines were brushing, everything gets black, did she die again?. The queston remaind unanswered and she passes out.

She woke up later the same day by a hand on her head.

“How are you?” You will see that everything is going well now. " A nice lady stood by her side.
“We found a hidden chip that has now been removed, with it in you, this could have ended very badly.”

“Thank you” Orochimaru signed.

The lady continued explaining what happened, and that Sansha still had controle over her before. This was not taken care of. She also explained that the information they took from hear chip was extreamly valuble, and that they there for are going to give Orochimaru a chance. A chance to be Amarrian Citicen.
A chance for a new life.

Next part : Black Sheep

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