Orochimaru Angel Part 1

The birth of the Sansha Slave who became a free in Amarr.

  1. Awaken

If a True Sansha Citizen has disloyal thoughts or attempts to act against the Nation’s interests, the implants they are fitted with can be used to bring them back into line.
The year was YC41, The Nation had regained enough of its strength at this point to survive, while the politics that had brought the four empires together were slowly crumbling. Additionally, exploration by capsuleers disrupted their operations, forcing them to emerge from hiding.
4 years since Sansha Kuvakei was reportedly killed, was a girl born.

She grew up poor and with a destiny already written to be a True Slave, nothing more.

The area was called the promised land, and she at early age got her implants put in, She belonged somewhere. A Strong Nation full of hope, but she knew nothing else. Time passed and before she knew it, she was fighting against Angel Cartel. She had asked for fighting The Amarr, but was denied.

She cant remember her mother, but rumors claims shakara is her birth lastname.

As a slave she was the silent type, she did her duties, ate and slept the hours she was allowed. In the army she was called Angel. She was a real beauty and was at one time even considered to be a sex slave for one high lord. That got revoked shortly after when she got a sansha roughblade into her cheek. She let that self heal and the beauty was lost, but the nickname stayed.
YC 112
She was sent to New Eden, She was in an assault squad sent by Sansha, She entered Niarja through a wormhole, and it all went black. Her Succubus got 4 medium pulse lasers straight through the front of the ship.

She was dead, not legally, not in her mind, but her body has stopped living. She was dead.

A Opux Luxury Yacht shook violently, cabin pressure dropped but the captain found the problem. A sansha has been thrown through hes sidepanel, the glass was crushed and emergency systems had sealed the window.
This captain was Captain Starsky. A veteran in New eden, once a big war hero, but now was only passing through.

His ship was already in line for warp and he did not have time to turn the engine off, and he warped away. He passed back and forth looking at her when he saw her head move. He threw him self at her and checked her vital signs. Nothing, The head was crushed in several areas and the neck was for sure broken, but she moved…

He felt a compassion, feelings…
He knew a guy who works with robotics and he was not far away. He had to do something cause dumping her here would alert Concord for sure. The route was changed, a new destination awaited. On arrival he placed the body in a cargo container and sent the guy a message.

No questions, take this escrow, make me proud.
22Milj isk was adressed to his account.

There was no reason to doubt Captain Starsky, and he owed him several times over.

It is incredibly difficult to remove Slave Implants once they have been installed. After a certain time has passed, which differs from person to person, a True Slave’s individuality has been broken in such a way that psychological recovery from the process is irreversible. The only way to achieve this is by removing parts and organs that start to fail. This had to be done, and it was exactly what was done to Orochimaru Angel.

Once the implants were removed, the problem arises, how would he start her up?, what will she be.
Her tied to the bed, he started to hack the sansha clone database. After a while he found a clone file that hopefully was close enough.

Five and a half month later…
Orochimaru woke up for the last time, She immediately started to talk, walk and her brain had already grand plans for the future. She was in Amarr, she was awake.
She was free.

Next part: Amarr and the new Recruite


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Being someone who enjoys reading and participating in the RP/Lore side of Eve, I found this a most stimulating and enjoyable read and can’t wait for a follow-up!

Keep up the excellent work doing what I think makes Eve special and unique :hugs:

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Started reading at part 3, but half way i hade to start with part 1.
I like the build up. makes me want to read more.
Keep it up

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