Orochimaru Angel Part 6

You always must pay

Sansha space has a special feeling, It is difficult to describe with words, The sense gives a metallic taste in the mouth. The systems feel cold and the space has evolved in a different way from the empire. You also see fewer ships and more wrecks. The ships look different and really not so glamorous as Amarr.

The throne room was almost as big as she remembered. At the end stood a number of people and between them sat a man. He must be important. The room was ill illuminated and the skimmer got the inside to appear green and black. She was led by two soldiers forward with her hands tied behind her back. The room was cramped and the only thing she heard were the steps from her and the soldiers.

Soon she was released and the soldiers stepped aside. Now she saw the man clearly. It was her old owner. She had almost never heard his name so it was forgotten. He looks up.


He looks down on his right hand, takes his time. With his eyes focused on his hand, he asks without looking up.

“This was unexpected, have you missed us?”

She hade no ansver, but she keept looking right at him the whole time. He supports his hand on the throne and gets up. Waving some followers on their left side to move and then takes a few steps forward. He was just about to keep talking when he notice Orochimarus’s face. He grins a bit then turns to the soldiers.

“So destroying her face this much was nessesary?, she is just a slave” He looks at the soldiers with hate. He did not think it was right to hit girls, killing them is another thing, thats just nature. But torture a girl he disliked. He takes a few quick stepps towards them.

" We did not touch her" they claimed.

They takes a few stepps back and looks at each other. They knew what would happen if they did, so why would they.


He stops walking. Turns to Orochimaru.

“They didn`t make that to you Angel?”

He wanted an ansver, She knew who he was and what hes capable to do. The question was, what was she going to say?. If she said that they did it, then they would most likley be killed, If she said they didn`t she needed to have a better ansver.

“Go on Angel, tell me” he was waiting.

She looked at the soldiers, they were shaking their heads, telling her be honest with their body language. Compassion, and feelings. She could not say they did it. She looks at her old owner but this time with a sad look. I hope this works, she thinks.

“Dont worry to call them out!, you wont survive this anyway Angel, what would you care if they live or die”

He walks up to her and now are in her face. She can feel his bodyheat and the breath. She need an ansver now.
She turns to the soldiers.

“Amarr did this to me” Orochimaru stated.

He backs away abit. He grims even more now. She can see this was even worse,

“AMARR…HOW DARE THEY!!” He walks in anger and then Orochimaru continues.

“Yes they did this to me, and they forced me to work for them, removed my implants and replaced me with this… this Machines”

She felt very satisfyed, this was good. The People in the back started to talk to each other and something was starting to happen.

“So i guess you didnt leave!, You were captured.” he walks back to the people and sits down on the throne.

“Yes, i tried to get home but…” she was interrupted by him lifting his hand. He sat silently for several minutes.

“Take her to the interrogation room, find out if this is the truth.” He got up and walked away.

She followed the soldiers knowing that this wont be an issue. She can lie as much as she wants, They cant read her anyway. She just have to be consistent with the information. This is an opportunity.
It is time to lie.

Next Part: Back in the Promised Land

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