Orochimaru Angel part 4

Black Sheep

Her task was now to melt in, become one of Amarrians. She is in the bathroom and is looking in the mirror. Her face is as usual, but everything else has changed. She has new clothes, makeup and her own room to live in. Her address was now Penirgman III second planet. Her job was within the Ministry of Internal Order. There she would provide further information and lessons regarding Sansha. She would not get paid, but the room was good enugh.

First day was as you would think, They would ask questions and she would talk and draw what she knew. She had been a strategist in the Sansha Navy, so she knew tactics that proved useful to Amarr. But then one in their team had previously penned on her with a pen and asked if she even had feelings. She did not feel moved at all by it so joked by saying, “Of caurse not!”.
The guy hade stepped back, and they did not talk anymore that day.

The next day it got worse.
It started with an electronic mail to her room. It said - I’ll pull out your plug, she deleted the message and went to work as usual,
Amarr people are very religious and have difficulty taking in new people, especially from other factions, especially enemies.
The dress code is special, and luckily Orochimaru got a full dress that covered her arms. The face shows but there was a hood involved, she used it frequently. Still people eyed her. The local news have already done a thing about the new Amarrian so she was nothing less than well known.

Days past and she got more and higher grades from the council, and she started getting several jobs outside her sector. She hade a mission to deliver a bag of valubles (she hade no idea what that was). So she set out to get her ship. Once at her ship she have kindly got for free by Ministry of Internal Order, She met this guy.

“I am sorry to bother you my dear” he almost studded.
“Can i ask you a small favour?” he looks at her bag and the ship evver so slightly as he brushes his own shoulder. He wore all gold and brown as the majority of the people did around this parts, He hade dark short hair and a mustach, intensly he looked right into her eye. he didnt seem to notice or care about her face.

“Yes i guess i can” She replied.

With a quick hand motion he slipped her a small bag.

“You are going to Emperor Family Academy right?” He looked around as hes expecting someone. Igor to find out he continues.


“Yes” Orochimaru takes the bag and place it in her pocket. She knew something was off, but could not put her mechanical finger on it. He must be on medicine, she thought. The man hade already rushed away and she stepped onboard the ship.

Inside the ship, She preparing for departure. Instructions on how to flew this ship had she already learned days earlier, But this time she would travel for the first time without anyone. Free, The feeling swept her like a blanket and with a satisfied soul, she undocks.

The endless space opens and she slowly hoarses into the unknown. She sets up auto jumps and puts herself back in the chair. Eight systems away she shall leave her goods. Then she would stay there for two nights and then go back. Amarr in her greatness, she thought. She hade almost forgott about Sansha and her time as a slave.

The engine begins to roar and the ship faces the stargate. The sound is overwhelmed by a chin, and then sirens. The ship loses engine power and slows down. The noise from the engine disappears, And ship stand still. All orochimaru now hears are sirens.

The doors are forced up and Concord borders her ship. With machines, they seeks her ship and they point to her clothes.


The one points to the others and they are pulling weapons.

After she emptied her pockets on the floor, She understood what was going on. The bag she accepted before had something that was not legal. She had tried to explain but to no avail. Handcuffs and a trip to the wrong destination, yes they only did their job, which Orochimaru now could not. This was bad news for her.
Abusers of this booster have reported surreal visions and altered perceptions of the world around them. The subject becomes blissful and content, but highly analytical of the surroundings.

This was what the man hade given her. This room was not lit, and she felt like she was back with Sanshas.
One officer came forward with a satisfied look. He sat down beside her, and hold a few papers.

“You`re ok?” he asked with a calm voise. She looks at him with, The neck still making that noice.

“i am sorry for what happened, but we got it all figured out, your not charged for anything mam”

He explained how people was making a big fuzz about here and the narcotics while she left the station. So they easy knew what was happening, it has happened before. They are just afraid, he also had said.

“You know, cause your different” he added.

Orochimaru felt compassion and love. This was rare in her life so she took very much care of this feeling.

“Your ok?” he continued. The offices is now standing up, and looking down on Orochimaru. She looks up to him and smiles.

“I am very much ok” she smiles even more.

He starts to leave but stays and turns around, looks at her for a while and then says.

“I would think you have a package to deliver, stupid to let them wait even more”

He moves on. And so does Orochimaru.

Next Part : Hunted


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