Orochimaru Angel Part 7

Six days after the hearing, She had to return to her service as a Sansha Navy Strategist. She had not been assigned a ship yet but sat most at the table and planned with 7 others. The tests had she plotted without any problems, And their faith in her became better. She was a prisoner without a doubt but she was accepted. Getting new chips seemed payless, but they had said that she had no hints of emotions anyway, And that her hatred to Amarr was genuine.

“Angel, come over here”

One fleet Commander called on her and pointed at a flashy screen. She took her time but made her way over there.

“what is it” She replied

Looking at the screen she always tried to figure out a weakness. This time she was looking for a way home. With her fingers moving in different patterns over the screen she is acting intressted.

“You need to switch these two ships for better angle” she gets back to her desk and continues with her assinments.

After almost a week on this base it was weard that she didnt remember anyone in the area she was working at. It used to be alot of people knowing her, calling her Angel here and there, but nothing so far, Have all been reassigned? or dead?. She remembers the attack they made back when she got blown up, but stil cant remember any faces. Maby that got wiped away. But still, should not someone remember her?

Two days later she was given a ship, It was a Phantasm. it was kind of round with 2 big convex lenses, and alot of pointy spikes. it was all painted grey and brown. It was a lasership, and she knew alot about lasers. That was one of the things she felt home with at Amarr when she first arrived. She did not like this ship tho, not the slightest,

Today was guard duty, Thats when big fleets guard gates around the Promissed Lands. She was on the list.
Fitting the ship with the basic items as done before, abit of food and then head out. The radio on the ship tells everyone to undock and move to planned destiny. She was guarding DSS-EZ. Worst gate if she could say it her selfe.
Only eight jumps away so the ride is short. 16 hours gate guard shifts was worse.

At gate, 6724m from it to be exact she now sat. She had an orbit set at 5500m and she had already prepared overheat. Time goes slow while not doing anything. They were 24 ships total around this gate. About 10 was Phantasm and the rest was a mix of worms and Nightmares. She could hear small chatter between the fleet but nothing adressed to her.

Suddenly the gate flashes. Only once and then nothing. She placed her hands on the panels and was ready.

The gate keeps humming but nothing else gets through. If that pilot was alone he is not getting out alive. She looks at the tracker but nothing. Is he alone?, This might be easy after all. He still got time to call for backup so might be more comming in very soon.

Finally a ship shows up on the radar and she locks it, scrambler and webber active, Her orbit is already in full motion when she activates her lasers. It was a Redeemer, an Amarr vessel. she saw the beautiful ship being attacked by their fleet as she orbited at very close range.

The gate activates again, and again.

“I KNEW IT” she shouts.

She lost count on how many times it sent in ships but it was atleast 10 times, or 15… she could not know.
Now and then she got a hit from some drones but that was easy tanked, and the Redeemer blew up. There was also a few Apocalypses that also blew up right after that. She targeted an Arbitrator and it was not many seconds untill he was history aswell. This was a graveyard, There was nothing left to shoot at.

The gate continued to hum, but no activation. It was over. she hade just been part of killing her own future, her own family.

The rest of that day was no activation at all. Some Sanshas was there with salvagers to get some isk out of the fight, clear the area from debry, from memorys.
But she will never forget what she done.


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