Orthrus abyss fit

Hi guys little new but still a newbie I guess lol
So I fell in love with the orthrus lol
I got a fit for t1 abyss pls tell how it is
5x rapid lights II
1 xl ancillary shield booster
The copestic shield booster amplifier
50mn compact mwd
1 limited adaptive invul
1 dred guristas em ward
3x bcs II
power diagnostic system II
2x cpu rigs
1 thermal right
It’s fitting with my trash skills just well pls advice if it’d good or not I’ll be doing t1 darks
N yes ik it’s overkill probably


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Could you pls simulate your fitting ingame --> export to clipboard --> copy it here?
Because its a pain to read it like you posted it and everybody would need to rebuild it to check it out. Nobody is going to do that.

?what do u mean?

I actually pyfaed it but ok whenever I can log in next I’ll edit

Overkill doesn’t exist. No such thing as too much firepower or too much ammunition. :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun, Raiton. I’m afraid I don’t do Abyss’, so can’t say anything as to your fit working for them or not, sorry.


OP you did not tell us what tier of abyssal sites you plan to try (and which kind of abyssal filament)
for t5, it won’t work; for t1, even a caracal works easily, so…

So sorry I’ll be doing t1s cuz I don’t wanna risk it and ik for t1 a caracal works and I am using one but still just wanted to try and will be doing darks

i think you can easily go to t2 and probably t3

Fine thanks any other suggestions also I’m kinda broke lol so I won’t be buying this anytime soon lmao pls recommend some nice ways to make isk

I mean that with the level of details of your question, any answer may or may not fit in what you expect.


You can cruise low sec belts looking for a mordu’s legion combat specialist unit. They will drop an orthrus bpc. But be careful… they point

Oh great thanks! Any recommended ship for it? I’m a caldari alpha with 2.6 mil sp missile skills mainly

Possibly a long answer.

Firstly, have you been into an Abyssal site? If not, then start with a Tier 1 site and something cheap to get a flavour of the mechanics. You can fly these is competently fitted T1 cruisers (I’ve flown them in an Omen). Pick the weather to complement your ship (so a nice Calm Electrical for an Omen).

So, that Orthrus fit: firstly that is an expensive hull and bonuses for tackle with a nice bonus to missile damage andd range. It’s a 220m ISK hull. Be very sure you want to use it for this - if you are a new player that’s a fair investment. Especially since you are currently saving for it…

The 50mn MWD is what I’d use. You do get warp scramblers in the Abyss, prioritise killing them. The advantage it gives you is getting to the extractors (you’ll have the range to fire on the locals as you go) without needing a tractor unit. This is really nice on T2 HACs because of their Sig. bonus. The Orthrus isn’t a HAC.

The RLMLs will give you good application against small stuff which plague the lower tiers, but the reload time needs to be considered - a 30 second reload is going to need to be managed. I took a RLML Cerberus into an Abyss and didn’t like it. But that’s personal (I normally fly a dual rep HAM Sacrilege).

The ancillary booster likewise has a long reload or you are trapped into a less efficient booster. You may want to consider a normal booster. It’s going to be cap hungry especially with the MWD (try to fit a Restrained MWD to stretch the capacitor and train the relevant skills!).

I’d suggest putting a cheap analogous RLML Caracal together and try a Tier 1 Abyss. It’ll give you a flavour of what you need and a good place to learn from with a 20m ISK fit rather than something ten or fifteen times the cost.

Exploration is a good, risky and occasionally very exciting way of earning a living in New Eden.

Good luck!

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Thanks alot for the lovely answer! Also I have been running t1 darks in my caracal (gonna finish 50 and then post total loot here lol) so I know what the abyss is like . It seemed too risky with the socket closes and all to risk this ship so I’m planning to do deds in hs instead . Anyways thanks alot for the answer! And mind yall t1 can net a pretty decent income for a newbro lol

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Can you throw me a ded fit tho? Thanks

I might need to let others answer that - I don’t run combat anomalies very often. I’ve run one DED equivalent site as a result of an escalation and since I wasn’t sure what I’d face I grabbed my Focus Pulse Zealot (a less than ideal Abyssal experiment) and it didn’t cause a notable level of stress - it had a Level 3 mission feel as I recall.

So, random thoughts of dubious relevance:
In high-sec space I’d not expect anything horrific and unless there’s a warp scramblers (kill him as a priority) you can always bail - worse case you learn a lesson that “ok, ship class X struggles in site type Y”. A good Combat Battlecruiser is probably a useful first ship to try then step down to a cruiser if it’s too easy or up to a battleship if the incoming fire is hard to manage.

Have a look at Emerging Conduits as well. They are battleship territory, though I’ve run them in HACs. A challenge but fun and reasonable loot.

Sorry I’m not more help, but it’s not an area I’ve dabbled in.

Any cruiser will do. Extra points for taking a pvp fit so you can take fights while you search

Cool thanks

I’ll get concorded in hs rt?