Oumuamua - artificially made object! 🥳

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FYI, there aren’t any statistics of (if) how life spreads across the universe.

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It is my extremely amateur belief that there will be no way to confirm / disconfirm any alien civilizations until we (meaning humans) develop communication methods based on quantum entanglement and then further develop the technology and learn how to use it to “scan” or “record” objects and signals of various types.

Per Drake equation, Milky Way is / was home to many civilizations, however that does not mean we will ever be in contact with any of them.


What is intelligent life, us, while we have some intelligence we are also pretty woefully lacking the ability to use effectively what we have to SEE solutions in front of us, the aggressive see another doing something that is profitable and they take it, continuing to make us step back instead of forward.
The human race struggles to move forward because there are too many that are too dumb to see the errors in their approach to a problem.
Now I don’t want to be a misanthrope but my issue is that what we call intelligent is not a matter of IQ completely, it is the ability to imagine and see a solution and act on it.

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For all we know, the human race could be the first “intelligent” species to have ever developed in the universe. 13.8 billion years might be the sweet spot for the evolution of life in this particular reality. Or the conditions on Earth that heavily affected our evolution might have been so rare, and so lucky, that it hasn’t happened anywhere else yet. You might think this to be quite unlikely given the scale of the universe, but remember, it all has to start somewhere.

At the end of the day, we just don’t know for sure what, if anything, is out there.


Since we are throwing stuff out here is my thought;
Humans started on Mars, we became technically advanced and had to be because of the limited resources on Mars.

We became advanced enough to harvest asteroids, we found how to manipulate gravity which gave us the ability to move these asteroids in Mars orbit and mine them, but there was a problem and one got away, a big one, it smashed into Mars destroying the biosphere and most of the beings on Mars, those that were left migrated to Earth, but lost our advanced technology through wars, the many structures we see today made out of stone which nobody can explain how they cut and placed these huge stones was because we were advanced enough to overcome gravity.

Other evidence such as Phobos and Deimos are not natural moons but asteroids place there by our long since departed ancestors which unlike the one asteroid that got away they were successful in putting them in orbit, all the structures not made primarily out of stone have long since turned to rust dust.

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Sounds lime an H.B. Piper story.


Yeah just add some fish and you got lime flavored fish.

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I get in a rush to post my replies I fail to remember the m and k keys are next to each other. It happens more than Id like to admit.

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Bursting out of my chest would be solid cue for me.

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Did you read the pdf you attached? They said nothing of the sort. Almost certainly an asteroid or comet.

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A’tuin would like to apologise for taking a dump in the Milky Way.

The turtle moves, so do his bowels.

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At the moment there is no evidence of life in the universe other than on Earth. I hope there is but we have no evidence for it at the moment.

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Yes they came to a conclusion that artificially made object would be very plausible explanation and would explain strangeness of that object. I quoted it there in third post. Everyone can read it there. :point_up:

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Just because it could be plausible does not mean it is very likely.

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I BELIEVE! :sunglasses:

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It’s just a space rock man. Calm down… miner… OK I see why you are exited

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You actually missed a point by whole industry branch. That idea would rather go into salvaging more than anything.

I would like to salvage that oh yes. :sunglasses:

(since everyone is correcting everyone here, its excited, not exited)

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When correcting someone’s grammar, be sure to not make your own mistake.

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You may believe whatever man.
Just don’t be surprised when your claims are disputed people that believe in actual science and whom can differentiate between a scientific paper that hypothesize on different solutions to a problem through speculation, and papers that actual conclude facts from the data with rigorous testing and multiple positives from multiple teams globally.

If you chose your wording to be less definitive, and express your hopes about it being from aliens instead of saying “IT IS”, it would be much much more agreeable. Especially when the paper you reference does not state at any point that Aliens are the most plausible cause.

The Paper speculates on if you make assumptions on the density of the object how it would fit the data, and then goes on speculating on the speculative assumptions about it’s density. Hence all the talk about “light-sail” and “targeted” stuff that one can read in the paper.
That is a normal thing in Science. That is how hypotheses are born in the first place. Speculation. Both to confirm and challenge our natural assumptions about the world around us.
And to draw direct conclusions from speculative assumptions is as un-scientific as you can get.
It is only the first step in the scientific process. Exploring as many possible explanations as possible, thinking about them, even the unlikely ones, is an integral part in building a testable hypotheses.

PS: You are not alone. Media all over the world is going all sensationalist on this story. Makes me sad that the scientific media is so uncritical of hype and media storms. Like when the LHC was feared to create a doomsday black-hole. Or the entire “Warter from Air” debacle.

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It is science, and that is what we have, we will not have any more data, and I am pursuing the wreckage/probe idea as most fitting to the data.

It was a thing with properties that never ever have been observed in nature before, beside what could be known as artificially made object.

Whatever fits data the most must be true, despite how outrageous that idea could appear to ones beliefs. :sunglasses: