Oumuamua - artificially made object! 🥳

(Dark Magni) #82

That is quite good deductive reasoning because I think the premise are fair.

  1. Aliens do not want to risk being detected in an uncontrolled fashion
  2. Aliens do not want to risk their machines being found and taken

So I would infer from this that the object is unlikely to fall into the category of an Alien machine due to the consequential need to defy these two generalisations.

(Dark Magni) #83

Logical reasoning is all we can now do with regards to this matter, as the object is now gone and nothing of conclusive value had been learnt while it was providing observations.

So the too and throw of abductive, deductive and inductive reasoning occurring in this thread, and the corresponding logical inferences, premises, hypothesis or even claims about what the observations actually are, is all we can do between ourselves until we settle on an overall most compatible and likely ‘conclusion’. But we cannot test any of the above because like I said the object is now gone.

Some of the logic in this thread is terrible by the way.

(Nana Skalski) #84

It flied longer than we produce radio signals. If someone sent it to us, he have done that when we still could have dwelled in caves.

(Sugar Smacks) #85

I think people who try to treat the proposition of alien life to be the same as humans to be false. If they managed to get here they would be hundreds of years ahead of us. Trying to associate human thinking to something our ancestors would of called a god isn’t going to work.

Perhaps the problem is people never imagined much of a future past the jetson age.

(Dark Magni) #86

Ok but your premise that it flew longer than we have produced radio signals is making several nested assumptions regarding the nature of its flight. All you have to do is play eve online to gain a rudimentary understanding that things can ‘accelerate’ and ‘decelerate’ and how this can cause great distance to be travelled at high speed while also slow speeds being observed at certain points in the journey.

So I think your premise is false, and therefore your inference too.

(Dark Magni) #87

I think you need to clarify what you mean by alien life being the same as human life. The best and most intelligent humans that would be deployed to reason with aliens would probably make reasonable attempts at such and make valid logical conclusions. And of course you would expect the same from the aliens. The only issue is the aliens may be capable of much more difficult logic than we are, but that doesn’t mean we are not on the logical spectrum and able to communicate albeit at a lower level.

I propose that a lifeforms grasp of logical reasoning and the method for applying logic isn’t a continuum. Savage tribal humans simply had no idea about logical methods and proceses, so they would amount to a level 0 at it. We are, for sake of argument, level 1. We do have a grasp of logic and are able to make valid inferences up to a certain difficulty level. Aliens would be level 10 (for sake of argument), with total mastery of logic.

By anology level 0 to level 1 isn’t similar to level 1 to level 10, because you cannot multiply zero by anything, however large, to get to a positive number, whereas 1 can simply be multipled by 10. This could translate to humans needing ten times more time to respond back to the aliens validy than they do to us. whereas a savage tribal idiot from 10,000 years ago wouldn’t be able to respond no matter how much tie he was given (excluding the fact after 10,000 years they would become us…)

(Whitehound) #88

People see it’s shape and think it’s not round as most celestial objects are. Hence they only believe it must be something artificial.

For me is the shape only an indication for an unusual process, which may not only explain it’s shape, but also it’s trajectory and travelling path.

Nothing at this point however indicates that it is an impossible object and that it has to be artificial.

(Nana Skalski) #89

Dude, EVE online physics and methods of moving are atrociously magical and have nothing to do with real science.

Its a submarine simulator in space. Ask Max Singularity from JPL.

(Dark Magni) #90

Well given its unusual shape, unusual acceleration and some other theories regarding aliens they are stating that one possible explanation is that the object is an alien machine, but I do not believe any sophisticated scientist has stated that this is the most likely explanation.

I would agree with this statement. It is a shame that the object is now gone and along with it the chance for any further observations.

This is not true. The unusual shape and unusual acceleration is in keeping with it being an artificial object, albeit it does not render that a likely inference, and no further observations or tests are possible.

(Whitehound) #91

Yes, it’s true. Please read again what I wrote.

(Dark Magni) #92

It is true that EVE is not real, and it is untrue that I said or implied it is an accurate physics simulator.

I simply said your reasoning is not valid because you are assuming that as it was travelling at low speeds while passing through our solar system, that it therefore must have travelled at constant speed for several light years.

You have no basis for saying an alien machine is unable to accelerate and decelerate to accommodate reasonable transit times and reasonable observation gathering windows.

Just for the record I do not think the most likely conclusion is that it is an alien machine.

(Dark Magni) #93

OK I re read your statement. You are actually correct, you stated there was nothing that has rendered the alien explanation as being most likely which I agree with. I apologise.

(Nana Skalski) #94

Stop bamboozling yourself with changes of speed. It had speed you could observe when entering and leaving our solar system, thats enough.

Its about piece of cosmic trash of unknown origin that was flying thru our solar system. Not a contest who will add more vectors to already complicated problem.

(Whitehound) #95

Thank you. As the saying goes, any advanced technology beyond our comprehension will seem like magic. If we saw something in the object that would fit this, like an extreme radiation, extreme magnetic field or gravity, and it would completely escape our grasp of physics as we know it and we would have to call it impossible (or magic), then I could agree with an alien explanation. Although it may still not be alien and still only be beyond our grasp of the universe.

To truly believe it was alien would it require more than an object, but it would require proof of the aliens, too, because when one can believe in aliens then one can also believe in God, or gods, who created the object. It could equally be Thor’s Hammer, or one of Cthulhu’s dingleberries.

(Nana Skalski) #96

Please not write about it like it would be something normal. It isnt. Its strange enough to call it artificial. Thats all.

(Maekchu) #97

Just because it’s strange, doesn’t mean we can immediately call it artificial.

It’s fine that you want it to be artificial and that it hints that there exists other life out there, but you cannot just completely ignore what the article actually stated and just only focus on a small part of the conclusion. Basically, they cannot explain why Oumuamua was like it was, so they have to consider that it may have been artificially made.

This is why we cannot have nice things. People misinterpreting or misrepresenting scientific journals for their own political agenda.

(Dom Arkaral) #98

This thread needs to die

Op, you have to accept one day that not everything you think, say or believe is true… lol

(Nana Skalski) #99

Just look at that paper. They call it that.

(Nana Skalski) #100

I did not claimed its true that its artificial, only that its very probable.

(Maekchu) #101

I mean, you are clearly blinded by your own wishes and dreams.

In my initial post in this thread, I posted the exact quote where they clearly state that natural causes are a possible explanation to Oumuamua.