Our cause for war

TLBM is a new corp. No one cares about our politics. We’re irrelevant. Our struggles don’t matter to the galaxy. We are under the radar of any major powers. Beneath the notice of anyone important. Yet our war does matter to us. No one uses this place any more apparently. Is there nothing to discuss now? I remember a time when this was a lively place, full of politics and intrigue. Sometimes wars were started here, over arguments and disputes in public.

An alliance has infringed upon our independence. An older alliance. Not a great power. Perhaps two hundred members. Mainly faction warriors, I’ve been told. They thought they could bully my four day old corp when I had 40 members. Today I have nearly 80, as we near our eighth full day as a corporation. Their name is CAS. I forget what it stands for. I don’t care enough to give them that respect after how they disrespected me after they made the first aggressions against me and my newbros.

They are an old alliance. Stagnant. Dying. We’ll help them die faster. They wanted our members to help them in their faction war. We’re going to give them a new war. True, I may only command a small army of newbros. But we are growing. Faster than they could ever dream of growing these days. We will be greater than them in number in a week or two. In truth we are already: many of their players barely play. They’re fighting us over space no one inhabited. They moved their active player base into the system we intended to claim in order to deny it to us. All ten of them.

My first official encounter with them went like this. He did not engage me. He contacted one of my newbros. He attempted to convince my newbro to join his faction in faction warfare. Offered to pay him a pittance. Said he was rich by flexing ten billion in assets, with two billion of it being liquid. Trying to intimidate him with his age, his wealth.

Then I enter the conversation. He tells me he wants me to give half of my members to join his faction war. Says it’s a great opportunity, that he’ll pay us, etc. I tell him I have other plans for us all to make more money than he’s offering together independently on our own as a corporation in the space we want to inhabit. He says something like “well I guess that means you can’t play nicely with the guys in the area”. Threatening me because I don’t want to force my members who joined my corp to be part of our corp’s vision to work for him for a slave’s wage.

He thought he could bully us because we were new, smaller, and filled with mostly newbros. But it’s not all newbros here. I am not new. I was here in the beginning. I was away for a while, but I’m back now. He shot my newbros even as they were in defenseless newb ships. One was podded - murdered - repeatedly. True, it was nullsec. But I can choose to take offense to it if I want to and I do in this case.

So there it is: our reason for the war no one has any reason to care about. You can all continue making isk or whatever it is you do in EVE now.


CAS stand for nothing, clearly. But the acronym means Condomless Ass S** btw for anyone who was wondering. They got the name because the leader likes the smell.

I agree with Cattraknoff because he’s a Legitimate Businessman. Unlike his enemies. Trying to poach members from a corp is just plain lame and disrespectful. Especially when you think you’re scamming new players for their labor. Shame.

And maybe you’re new now, irrelevant now, but that’s the beauty of EVE
We decide what is relevant. and you guys have got what it takes to be relevant.

So if they want to stop playing war and deal with actual warfare then I say give it to them! You’re the locals now and they’ll have to learn. Earn your place with blood and fire o7

And yes, lets revive the forums brother!
Legitimate Businessmen unite o7

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3 million cubic meters of war materials for the newbros have been requisitioned and are arriving at TLBM’s forward supply bases even now. This is in addition to 1 million cubic meters already delivered for TLBM’s elite contingent. Of course these are small numbers for big alliances, but for our enemies I think it is enough to give them a surprise they were not expecting. I doubt they’re even reading this. Will someone warn them? Do they have any friends who read this? Are there any here, who maybe are nostalgic of this place, who would befriend such pathetic creatures?

I don’t care if they’re warned. They’re dead either way. They have to die. I won’t stop, TLBM won’t stop, until they have been driven from the space that they falsely believe they own. It’s not theirs any more. It’s ours. Pathetic wretches like them deserve nothing but utter annihilation.

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