Overall gameplay Issues

i disagree.
for once, flying a ship doesnt require alot of actual ingame skill, since pvp doesnt take alot of skill to begin with. also, you do not learn how to fly a battleship using a frigatte. therefore, even if you skill into it, you ll have 0 experience, which could be optimized, if you allow player to actually fly those ships, improving the learning curve, which is pretty low.

which solo kills? you are mostly gate camping as much as i can tell by your killboard, further proving my point rather than dissasambeling it.

the reason people like you and me DONT go into null, is because of close to no chacnes of actual entertaining pvp, isnt it?

EVE is not supposed to be a fair fight. It’s the strongest group that wins.


What an odd thing to say for a


well, it seems you are not grasping the concepts i proposed in detail. you choose to think in indoctrinated thoughts, which are hammered into everyone from the get go, without leaving space for open discussions. my point, or rather my concepts ALLOW for both to exist, rather than only having one of those. is that a bad thing to you??

i ve been spending alot of time watching and also discussing pvp with people in my corp who have been playing for years and basically only do pvp, so im confident, while i dont know EVERY little mechanic, the basic concept of eve pvp is rather simplistic.

Just to differenciate, i am talking about micro skills, not strategic planing BEFORE a fight occurs. But feel free to prove me wrong and tell me more than 5 combat mechanics that require more than breathing oxygen to pull off.

if im wrong, i ll gladly take the L and learn

CCP did do this actually. They tried to make instanced PVP with set rules and ships but noone really liked it and it was abused to the ground lol.

RIP Abyssal Proving grounds because I did do some of those events.

What say you? @Tirador69

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Check again, last year, and year before. I reduced my EvE time this year, and being only online for the regular fleets. We are roaming, not gate camping ;), naturally you kill everything on sight which includes also gates. But in FW the action happens in plexes not on gates.

… but in case it didn’t came across, be careful with complaining, 95% of the time the only one to blame for failure is yourself. The game in general is fine, if you like it.

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yes, faction warfare, which is cool if you have a system in control, like we do, and you can actually try to 1v1 without 10 people jumping in, which happens if you dont have the control of the system.

your solo kills look like mine, explorer, miner that are afk or not responding quick enough,highsec ganks which is exactly what im complaining about. none of those take skill, i know because i do the same.

Why did people not like it, was there any feedback on this?

It was the first time CCP introduced a queue system in the game.

  1. It had unreliable up times.

  2. Multiboxers abused it so there was no way to stop them.

  3. The people who knew how to fit/kite in their ships usually won (remember everyone had the same rules)

  4. Very early when proving grounds started the ultra-bling fits won XD (But CCP stopped this pretty fast by introducing implant rules and gun/hull restrictions etc.)

  5. Ships are expensive! t1 cruisers are like 20-40mil a pop sometimes fully fitted! The frigate events were the most popular ofc and interest obviously tanked as the BS and BC events happened because noone wanted to throw away 100+mil (CCP did do daily goals where you did get like 20mil ISK back but it did not help)

We didn’t get any official comment on CCP on why they stopped the proving grounds. They just never did more events. Likely for those reasons I said above. Now you know the history of the only time we had instanced and “FAIR” pvp in this game.

So, it goes back to what I said before… You can’t have “Fair” PVP in a non-instanced environment. It literally is impossible. EVE online is a game where the biggest gang and strongest group wins. For fair PVP to happen you need to have an instance (separate from the EVE online universe) and set rules that the CCP gods dictate and that leaves the people with the most skill to ultimately win at these events.

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Playing before, yes. You’re not new, you’re an alt. Nothing wrong with that but it just tells us you lie. And if you lie about that then we can discard the rest of your manifesto.

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well, i will take it in my own hands than and provide a battleground in our system in which i ll host a fair 1v1. i already have a concept in mind, but i prob need to polish out some details.

from reading your points thats kind of what i expected, which just shows that CCP didnt think the idea fully through

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no. im a new player. i ve a total playtime of 60 ish days.

Then try to pull of something else which needs more skills? As I’m flying a Hecate solo, and people know me, it’s hard to get even other Hecate pilotes to 1:1s nowadays, yeah, the good fights and 1:n you can win some are rare but it happens from time to time.

When I played more I just like to cruise around and kill everything I can catch and beat, at least this keeps me break-even, and it always has a chance of a good engagement. In former times there were more pilots trying to squeeze the max out of their ship’s engagement profile in FW to be able to upbeat, but a few still exist.

dont get me wrong, im not trying to say you are bad. im saying the problem is that the game doesnt allow for much more than that. im pretty sure you would also like to get more good fights, from what you previously wrote, which is exactly what i have in mind aswell.

Nooo…that makes nonsense of scouting. How can I report that XYZ corp is in the system or not in the system if there’s some crazy 1 minute delay that you suggest. It would take forever to get a fleet from A to B if one had to wait a minute at every system just to see who is there.

The thing with introducing a ‘fix’ for one issue is that you screw up other areas.

yes and people would lose more ships because they dont have instant information, which sounds amazing to me. losing ships is FUN, winning good fights is even more fun. people need to stop being so afraid of that and the game would be much more enjoyable.

however, i also agree that its not fun to get blopped, or tackled with a pvp fit, which is why i think we should work on solutions for that

Yeah, but I know from endless hours of playing that it happens when you least expect it, for every 10 ganks you get a good fight, just be patient, you can’t force it (as by the nature of the game). Alternatively you can sit in plexes all times, I like to roam. It’s not only the fights, you can also have some fun conversation, or other unexpected situation (like stumbling on a free to grab citadel container). No play session is the same, that the appealing thing for me. But you need to invest a few hours to “average out”.

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No, it works both ways. The attackers don’t have the instant information either. In fact under your proposed change a fleet could cross the entire system and be gone without attackers even knowing they were there !

You are ‘fixing’ something that is not a problem in the first place…and just creating a worse situation.