Overall gameplay Issues

whats the issue with that? they ll find someone to tackle :slight_smile:
you can still use d-scan

D-Scan doesn’t tell you that 150 members of Corp X just sailed through your system but never appeared in Local because of your 1 minute delay. Also, what would be the point of the system then reporting that 150 members of Corp X are in the system…when in fact they aren’t any more and by that time they could be 2 systems away and long gone.

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This is the real root problem and there is no game mechanic change that will fix it.


Thing is… EVE is more of a social hangout more than a set of rules that our gods at CCP give us. We as humans form groups to beat smaller groups to gain more resources. Done this for all of history and even to this very day. Alot of what happens in EVE can be attributed to human nature. It’s not the mechanics don’t allow for that. CCP can’t force a vast majority of people to go to instanced PVP and burn ISK for a meaningless KM. PVP inherently is an ISK negative activity in many cases. Like in the real world we do things for money just like how we play EVE for ISK and people can say “I play for fun/hr” but you need ISK to do anything so… :sweat_smile: Frigates cost ISK too.

It’s why player hosted events come with huge ISK rewards to have people to come because if there was no reward noone would care lol. That is the root of it all.

To come back to abyssal proving grounds. CCP did have rewards. In the sites AND a leaderboard reward of SP, (250mil ISK?), and some skins. The leaderboard was based on how many wins you had. To achieve those rewards it costed still so much ISK in lost ships and only the people with the largest of wallets were able to fund it.

Meh…all ships are just idealised spheres regardless of some label. Thus all that really matters is not the label but signature radius, speed, tracking, etc, which can have huge overlap between the various assigned labels depending on the fittings.


there is. lets just say CCP would use my ideas for example

people in null wouldnt be able to mine/rat with 10-20 ships solo, that would increase the value of minerals/ratting loot because as of right now pretty much only the wealthy get more wealth

think about it, a new guy mining/ratting right now is directly competing with atleast multiboxer that do the same but with max skills and more/better ships, making it very unattractive.

remove multiboxing and those activities increase in value and also prevents big corps from giga hording.

also big corps wouldnt have the safest time doing so, which would overall reduce inflation BY ALOT

You never read about the early US monopolies in the rail and steel industry in school haven’t you?

The people with the most resources win and they compete against the average joe. Like how Walmart beats the smaller family-owned stores. Just like what happens in EVE. (The multiboxers can outcompete the smaller miners)

No anti-trust laws here in EVE. No govt to say you are too big, so we need to break your company up. If you get what I am saying here.

but multiboxing is not an ingame mechanic, its effectivly cheating. and im 100% confident CCP only allows it because they need the money. this comment got flagged, lmao


Yes, you are right. If we lived in a utopia a perfect MMO would be 1 player to 1 account. I also dream of this as I have been a 1 account player for some years now. I really really wish we had 1 player for 1 account. Believe me it would be awesome and that is what an ideal MMO should be and many do actually agree! It’s not a fringe school of thought lol. But… bills gotta be paid. Devs gotta eat. It’s this or a tons of microtransactions.

Is multiboxing cheating? I do not want to debate that as there are other threads for that.

So you’re doing the typical new-guy thing where you try EVE, it’s different than what you expect, you soon start explaining how making this “different” game over into something much more similar to the things you’re used to playing will “make it better”.

Then when players who’ve been here 10 times as long as you start explaining that really, EVE is different and it does need a certain different mindset, you get defensive and start telling people they’re “indoctrinated” and “unwilling to accept new ideas”. When actually, what you’re showing here is how you’re indoctrinated to the style of games you’ve been playing, and unwilling to accept the different approach of EVE.

I’m not a big fan of EVE, I spend 90% of my time on forums talking about how it could be better. But one thing that EVE has going for it is that it is different and is a bit unique.

So, not trashing your desire to post your views or anything, some good points there even where they’re off the mark. But when you start a new and different game, and start thinking it should be more like games you’re more familiar with, and that the existing long-term players are closed-minded and “indoctrinated” (which, truth to tell, many of them are - but that’s not mostly what you’re getting here in replies)… then you should probably step back and take a breather and consider if your mind is open to what they’re saying.


So you’re happy to have all those kills where anyone in the fleet might have been multiboxing removed from your account ? I mean…they were ‘cheating’. You wouldn’t want to fly in fleets with cheaters would you.

This should not devolve into a multiboxing debate lol. There is a different thread for it.

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yes eve is different, but it also has problems, which arent a secret. from that POV u might aswell try to legitimate botting accounts to be part of the game.

i think we can all agree that the fun in a mmo comes from playing WITH people, which means running missions, doing pvp etc.

the current version of EVE prevents alot of “normal” mmo content by allowing multiboxing. is that a wrong view to you or anyone else?

i wouldnt care really. i also dont care about gatecamp kills on my killboard fyi

well, multiboxing kind of creates alot of current problems in eve, so its not really limited to only “multiboxing” but rather spreads throughout alot of issues

The gates provide the information. Your pilot ID and body state are routed through the gates, which allows display of people in a system and transfer of your mind if your pod dies.

No local does not make PVP attractive, as people have found out during Blackout. Even diehard PVPers started complaining that they couldn’t find people to shoot.

No, it is neither too slow nor does it prevent people from having fun. Grinding the game to get XP, however, that prevents people from having fun. IF you have to grind SP for every single ship, every single race, every single module type, you are not going to have fun.

Today I watched a 1.6B Ikitursa die to a meager Hurricane. Your perception that EVE has boring PVP is biased and based on incomplete knowledge.

The entire game is build around owning and using several characters. You would have to rewrite the entire game, the gameplay loops, the rewards, how you do activities, how you use features and how you are active in the game. Simply removing multiboxing doesn’t fix anything, it only makes EVE a much worse experience.

Multiboxing doesn’t prevent playing together with other people. Quite the contrary, it enables it because you can take care of a lot of boring tasks yourself without bothering other people with menial tasks. Unless, of course, you like to be on Cyno Duty in a backwater system on the logistics route and do nothing else really, or interrupt your other activities at a moment’s notice if someone needs your service to do something where you character is. Sure sounds like a lot of fun.
Likewise, being able to use several characters effectively and skillfully allows fleet action to take place, it enable people to undock in the first place with a proper group setup without waiting too long for necessary pieces of a fleet, that may never come online or be available in sufficient numbers.
To cut it short: Your view is wrong.

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To be precise, nothing will change that, that’s human nature. Losing pointlessly will never become fun. The point it to install safety nets with holes, so people think they have control but leaving room for surprises.

Removing perceived safety, as the OP and many others before proposed, just lead to the opposite effect (as we have seen first hand), that people stop playing or getting even more risk averse.

EvE is pretty good at this btw.

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funny how you further prove my points by saying why multiboxing is a necessity without taking into account that those things are the reason why the game needs to be reworked rather than multiboxed, lol.

Multi-boxing except in PvE is a non-issue. Multi-boxing is optional, a well trained group is better than any multi-boxer in PvP. Why do you complain about it?

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a friend of mine multiboxes 4 accounts in wow, which requires alot more inputs than eve… so your point is invalid.

but to answer your question
if someone rats in wh and has 2 backup ships like a curse just waiting incase he gets tackled you dont see an issue with that? ok

having eyes throughout multiple systems to prevent ganks is not an advantage? ok