Overall gameplay Issues

This is a scatterbomb of a thread. I will throw in my opinions in case you are an actual new player.

I do agree this is an issue for genuinely new players. I highly doubt the SP system will ever be reworked, but there could be more to it. Suggestions have been made such as:

  • Increasing training speed for certain skills while locking them out from extraction
  • Raising the lower limit for skill extraction and increasing training speed until you reach that limit

And several other good ones I can’t remember. The issue is it’s tough to add a boost to new players without it becoming abusable. EvE players are masters at capitalizing on any unintended use of mechanics.

This has been discussed to death and back. Pochven and wormhole areas are in the game. The ability to play with like-minded individuals is there. Go have fun!

Yes, a lot of combat does occur at gates. Some players specialize in catching other ships between gate jumps or at their destination and can be very good at it. Interceptors, interdictors, and warp speeds are important to know about.

Also discussed to death. It’s not going away, it doesn’t matter if we like or do not like it.

I wholeheartedly disagree with you here. PvP is pretty fun. I’m not even very good at it but I still enjoy it. I think the insurgency system was made to bring some attention to faction warfare, which is my favorite. Sprinkling low-sec with null-sec mechanics are fun and now include waypoint updates and warning pop-ups.