Overmind's Mail Room

This is a special RP thread, where we discuss galactic communication related issues, particularly how to contact important public figures in Highsec such as @Overmind_Niminen.

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@Overmind_Niminen, if you get a chance, check your mail for some important and time-sensitive updates. :slight_smile:

Just send his nullsec alt an evemail.

He is very worried about you. He says that you have turned your back on James 315 and The Code.

I don’t just contact James’ top Knight and champion of the Code by such casual and pedestrian methods! Contacting Overmind is not just a mundane errand, but a worthy and fulfilling experience deserving of all possible celebration and fanfare.

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Also, tagging him on forums is how I usually reach him with time-sensitive stuff, because he gets these notifications out of game. This thread is so I don’t have to litter up other threads, but also to add a rich topic of discussion to the player commoonitay. :stuck_out_tongue:

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