Hey so if I buy all the different packs on sale that are ‘one time offers’…

Eventually won’t there be new SKINs or maybe a re-release of the same offer? Will there be a round two of the bronze pack, gold pack, etc?

What’s it been like historically?

They have replaced the packs at least once.

They changed them so they werent worth having

“one time offer” is only a marketing trick.
In some time there is another “one time offer” just something a bit different or a bit changed. Like when you can get SP plus skin instead of only SP. Or the same skin but with a pack of 2 skins.


They changed them, with large price increases for what you received. Utter trash now, would need a 70% discount to be worth the bother…

AND, the old ones were often on sale for 50-70% off, which just compounds the issue.

Old packs:

Starter Pack ($5): 1m SP, Standard Cerebral Accelerator, Skin pack, Apparel pack
Meteor Pack($15): 30d Omega, 110 PLEX, Skin pack
Star Pack ($25): 30d Omega, 2x MCT, 500 PLEX
Galaxy Pack ($100): 90d Omega, 2x MCT, 5x Extractors, 1100 PLEX, Skin pack

New packs:

Bronze Pack ($10): 60 plex, 250k SP, Skin pack, Apparel pack
Silver Pack ($23): 30d Omega, 110 plex, 250k SP, Skin pack
Gold Pack ($50): 60d Omega, 500 plex, 250k SP, Skin
Platinum Pack ($90): 90d Omega, 1500 plex, 250k SP, Skin

Edit: Ran some numbers (which I expect I got wrong somewhere, and ignored skins and apparel, but… here goes and somewhat interesting)


Platinum: $107.24 ($17 profit)
Gold: $72.24 ($22 profit)
Silver: $23.59 ($0.50 profit)
Bronze: $4.34 ($5.66 LOSS)

Old: (BUT remember these were often on 50% sale - so added two sets of figures)

Galaxy: $147.50 ($47 profit) ($97 profit on discount)
Star: $66.50 ($41 profit) ($54 profit on discount)
Meteor: $21.35 ($6 profit) ($14 profit on discount)
Starter: $8.96 ($1 profit) ($3 on discount)


2700 SP / hour = 64,800 SP /Day
30 days = 500 plex -> 1 day = 16.6 plex
64,000 SP = 16.66 plex = 3889 SP/plex
Call it 3900 SP/plex
Plex/Dollar price = 1plex/$0.035

[interestingly: a 200m SP character would be worth just shy of $1800, but would cost rather a lot more to create with injectors]


Platinum: 3000 plex (1500+90d Omega) + (250k SP = 64 plex)
Gold: 2000 plex (500+60d omega) + (250k SP = 64 plex)
Silver: 610 plex (110+30d Omega) + (250k SP = 64 plex)
Bronze: 60 SP + (250k SP = 64 plex)


Starter: 1m SP = 256 plex
Meteor: 610 plex (110 plex+30d Omega)
Star: 1900 plex (500 plex+30d omega+2 MCT)
Galaxy: 3500 plex (1100+90d Omega+2 MCT) 5 Extractors=$24.99

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Quick answer CCP do not have a good track record with “unique”, “limited” or “one time” items.

Even items sold at high $ price are then given out in game for free or drop frequently a year or so later. I don’t believe this is deliberate more down to high staff turn over and poor game moderation at times, they’ve been slightly better lately.

They previously made up to players who bought a high value pack that then droped the unique item in game. Silvershore coat was compensation.

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Despite what others have said, I think they are still a good deal, especially if you want to fast-track training up your characters skills.

I bought all of the old Packs and when CCP changed to the new Packs, I also bought all of those and when those Packs change again, I’ll buy them as well. Reason why is besides Skill Points, the Packs also include PLEX, Ship Skins / Apparel and Omega subscription time.

So yeah, I’ll take advantage of those offers whenever they’re available.

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I’ve been buying them too… my subscription will renew annually very soon, but I’ve been buying these packs, that come with a month of Omega time + PLEX + SP + neat SKINs. My next one is the gold pack I believe.

I would have to think when they update these with new skins or change the deal / tweak it, it becomes available again for anyone to purchase. I really dig the SP but for me it’s about not just buying more Omega time but getting a little extra for it.

Planetside 2 had a subscription service and I remember getting their coins, like an allowance per month or something like that. Wonder if CCP has ever toyed with a similar structure. Subscription + PLEX bonus.

Yeah, just like the old Packs when CCP changes them again they will be available for all to purchase.

As for Subscription + Plex, that’s basically what the larger Packs are. They just include some extra goodies to make them more appealing.

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Yeah personally I like them and think they are a good deal.

Like your new portrait btw… looking sharp :grin:

Thanks, I usually change it every 3 to 4 weeks due to having a lot of Apparel items.


CCP will continue offering the current packs as long as they keep selling. When the people who consider them a good deal at regular price are gone, they will probably offer them at a discount to see if there are additional players willing to buy at the lower price.

After that, I expect they will replace them with new packs and start over. Not sure how long that will take but I think the Galaxy/Meteor/etc… packs were available for a couple of years and there were lots of opportunities to buy them at half price. So far as I know there have been no sales on the current packs.

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