Value Packs

I’m a returning player and these are new to me.
How often does CCP change their contents?
I see it’s limited to 1 per account, is that 1 forever, or 1 per change to the pack (assuming they change the contents)?
Is the Game time applied at purchase or is it a code like the old GTC that i can save till later?


Content inside value packs are never changed.
It is 1 pack per account, forever. You can purchase all three, just once per account.
Game time is applied. You cannot sell or trade game time.

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nah, if you are Triglavian you can change the content any time you want and this is not limited

Hes talking about the meteor and galaxy pack dlcs from the store.

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ye ye off course but i was talking about how it is when you discover that you are Triglavian

This. And its a code you can save for later.

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