Painting ships along with applying SKINs

Just a brief suggestion.

  1. SKINs should be issued to celebrate major events, dedicated to major empires and corporations. Portraying unique art, decals, empire, corporation and maybe even personal logos.

  2. Paints should become available as hangar services along with cleaning. Just plain single color of your choice. Imagine coloring whole fleet for a roam! Red versus Blue or some such. ISK fee 1-10-50 mil for every recolor. Luxury colors, optional wax or matte finish, glitter and pearl. Or scratches and burns.

Pink Talos fleet!

I’d say make an industry out of it. Gasses are underutilized so CCP can make different gasses represent different colors and material effects and players could mix and match them in free form to get desirable effect. The bigger ships will require more of the same paint and more ISK for paintjob. Pantjobs are volatile (lost with the ship’s destruction).

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Pure cosmetics are in the realm of NES and that is a good thing, makes money, doesn’t affect the sandbox.

Not really, there is a BP issue that needs to be addressed that causes underproduction and inflation for boosters.

I would argue that sinking ISK is almost like making money for CCP. Almost.

Wanna paint my Phantasm red. Or yellow. Or black.

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