Pando for CSM 18

Not a huge fan of the effect and i suggested to give JFs immnunity to it.

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Thanks :slight_smile: im working on getting a few episodes together before fanfest actually. But it is a bit of a struggle lately.


Confirming this was pando’s idea. I wanted a super heavy hic :sadge:

Pando’s input was great on CSM17, I appreciated his game experience, style, and patience with the rest of us.

7o Pando


Lmao this is a very diplomatic way to describe one man’s quiet, enduring exasperation.

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I think we had a really good team overall and i hope we all make back on again :slight_smile:

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+1 from me :slight_smile:
Good luck Pando :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support!

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got my vote

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Pando has participated in some of these of these! Examples below:

  • Trolling: I can confirm he has dealt 72 damage to his teammate @CCP_Bee on Train in Counter Strike with a grenade and has NOT apologized for it.
  • Flaming: Same as above, but with a molotov
  • Ranting: He has ranted at CCP Bee about how he should not have been in that spot in Counter Strike in the first place.
  • Personal Attacks: This grenade incident was a personal attack of the friendly fire variety.
  • Harassment: N/A
  • Doxxing N/A
  • Racism & Discrimination: N/A
  • Hate Speech: N/A
  • Sexism: N/A
  • Spamming: He has spammed through walls in CS repeatedly to get kills above Popdog.
  • Bumping: He bumped Dark Shines the other day while he was trying to throw a grenade into main.
  • Off-Topic Posting: this?
  • Pyramid Quoting: We never get to build pyramids in CS when Pando is calling strats.
  • Rumor Mongering: He is rumored to have been considering CSGO maps other than Train.
  • New Player Bashing: N/A
  • Impersonation: He impersonated a counter terrorist with the aforementioned grenade attack on his T sided teammate CCP Bee
  • Advertising: He is advertising his CSM campaign, and we EVE players would be lucky to have him back on the CSM.

Jokes aside you have my vote buddy. Cant wait to have you representing EVE’s playerbase again hopefully.

<3 and stop bombing friendly fleets. It gets expensive.


Listen… that grenade would be great 9 out of 10 times!!!
thanks for the support :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a candidate that will hope to persuade CCP into getting rid of the 1000 vs 1000 blobs and getting rid of renting.

Do you have any thoughts on these matters?

Awww, I missed all the spice.

For now, at least.



I wouldn’t want to get rid of any kind of fights. But i would like to see more smaller sized ones thats for sure.

Not only is Pandoralica the most handsome capsuleer to ever grace new eden, but his passion for making EVE the most enjoyable experience possible for the fan base is unparalleled.

A true consummate professional in his craft, he has set the stage for FCs young and old through his next level pyfa skills and his ability to develop new game strategy.

Give this man a raise and vote for him into the next CSM.

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A good dude all round, you have my vote

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Thanks :slight_smile: Hope we both make it on!