Pando For CSM 17

Hello there,

my name is Pando, also known as zehPando from twitch (main character: Pandoralica). I have been playing since 2008 but it wasn’t just idle time. I have never been so proud and embarassed at the same time as when i saw the graph below, showing the most active players that attended this years fanfest. I’ve been running my own corp (DEFCON.) and helped run the alliance (The Inititative.) for a long time. My playstyle evolved several times over the years covering a wide variety of pvp-playstyles.

I stream a few of my fleets on twitch and FC Chat is a podcast i started to shed more light on the (for me) most exciting aspect of eve: Fleet Commanding. On there i talked to over 100 of the most knowledgeable people in this game like FCs, CSM members and even CCP Devs. If you want to do a deepdive on my take on things you are welcome to check it out on live on Twitch or Spotify. Or since twitch deletes the vods after a while there is also a Youtube video archive. I do also make “normal” videos on youtube from time to time.

Over the years i’ve always been outspoken about issues in the game especially when it comes to Citadels and opportunities for content creation and this year i decided to finally run for CSM. I would be very happy to represent the players with my knowledge and help CCP find a better path for the game.

  • My areas of expertise.

Content Creation. The ability to find fun for my guys, repeatedly, reliably. To run a smooth op and end up with a bunch of happy people in fleets takes a lot of time and effort and i believe CCP isn’t quite aware of how much it actually is.

I think I’m not the typical big alliance FC as i see myself just as much as a solo, small-scale, med-scale FC or theorycrafter. I like coming up with solutions to the various problems that hostile fleets can throw at you. I do focus mainly on creating content for my alliance or viewers on stream but i’m not afraid to become the content for hostiles either from time to time.

My experience is mostly nullsec based but i do have a good understanding how wormhole evictions or lowsec warfare works. Over all these years i also maintained a fairly neutral stance politically and a general positive attitude which makes working with other people (on the csm for example) a little easier for me than others with a similar level of experience.

  • What i think a good CSM needs/What players can expect from me:

Attitude/Approachability - If the devs don’t want to talk to you, you can’t really be effective as a CSM no matter what.
Time/Energy - All the knowledge in the world is wasted if you don’t show up for meetings, make yourself available and put in the work.
Knowledge/Experience - At the end of the day you need to know what you are talking about but also know when to not talk at all.

  • Why are you applying for the CSM?

Good question…. It will be a lot of work for very little return… But i want to see eve succeed.

For those who want to know more details about me and “My EVE Online story”:
I decided to go with bullet points to not bore you guys to death and add at least a video from that time to give you an idea what I’m talking about. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


  • Started playing and got into Faction Warfare pretty quickly
  • Enjoyed the absolute chaos that were the early days of FW
  • Dipped my toes into nullsec but RL got in the way and i had to take a break


  • Friend talked me into coming back and joining his corp/alliance (The Initiative.)
  • Corp CEO was crazy but alliance was great so i switched the corp within INIT.
  • New corp (that i’m still in today) was all about PVP
  • Learned a lot from the old guys

VIDEO: The Inititative. Firewall (4:45)


  • Started getting competent at solo roaming and taking people along for the fun
  • Didn’t realized i was already FCing
  • Discovered my passion for theorycrafting (miss you EFT :heart:)


  • Started out with RR domis as a proper config to FC
  • Came up with RR Assault Frigs (config we use to this day in a similar way)
  • Started running cloaky gangs called ninjas to play around in hostile stagings
  • Ran tons of other smaller “more traditional” roams

VIDEO: DCON RR Kartoffeln (5:33 - German comms)


  • Fleets became bigger and more alliance focused
  • Lots of roams still but also stratops to take R64s and such
  • Started running Bomber fleets more often as actual bombwings

VIDEO: Transformers (4:42)


  • Discovered my love for booshing with a doctrine called snatch (it snatches people)
  • Crafted a config known as Booshravens to fight hostile capitals (used to call them 3 Guide Ravens but GOT references make me sad now)
  • Came up with “chemos” (Cloaky T3Cs to smartbomb ceptor fleets cause they were considered cancerous at the time)
  • Came up with a doctrine called stukas (primarily a mobile bombing fleet at first)
  • Starting hunting caps with Stukas and kept developing/adding new stuff to the doctrine

VIDEO: First Chemoloki fleet ever (1:00)


  • Experimented with other fun stuff like Heavy Stukas (blaster nagas)
  • FCed the biggest eviction ever (Eviction of Rage)
  • Got falsely accused, banned and unbanned (a unique experience i don’t wish on anyone)
  • Got into streaming (mostly hunting fleets) and started a podcast Called “FC Chat”
  • Added the new Kikimora to the Stukas and hunted even more

VIDEO: Heavy Stukas #1 (5:53)


  • War happened (landed the biggest bombrun ever)
  • Scarcity happened so i stopped hunting
  • Focused more on streaming (including solo, small- and midscale fleets)
  • Started running public fleets

VIDEO: PAPI You’re a Firework (1:51)

If there are any questions left or you want to know my take on specific things always feels free to jump on my Discord or simply ask me in chat whenever I’m live on twitch!


Pando is one of the absolute best candidates you will see this year. I am very much looking forward to spending even more time with him than I already do (assuming we can both get elected).

Vote for this man.


One of, if not the best candidate for gameplay that we could possibly nominate for CSM. Absolutely has my vote!


i couldn’t think of a better candidate. you have my vote, pando!


Pando is awesome. Nobody is better at analysing the game on such a deep level and knowing what changes are positive for Eve’s future. He has such a well-rounded view after speaking to so many people from so many different areas of the game that goes beyond his own (many) experiences.

Straight to the top of my list, I can’t think of anyone better.


You’re not going to find a more genial dude than Pando. This guy has probably forgotten more about EVE than most will ever learn. Pando deserves your vote for CSM 17


Pando would be a great addition to CSM. Just go watch his FC Chats or his streams. Great guy, knows so much about the game and always looking for changes that would improve the gameplay in meaningful ways.

I have never voted for CSM in the past, but I will vote for Pando for sure.


Elected or not, Pando already works on conveying ideas for better EVE. That’s the best recommendation for any position in my opinion. Vote for Pando!

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A perfect CSM candidate, deeply experienced and respected as an FC, theory crafter, content creator and personality, the CSM needs a reasonable and logical voice giving real world solutions to the foundational problems affecting both the strategic and fleet level aspects of null warfare.


Can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said! Very chill guy (we met at FanFest!), extremely knowledgeable, and well respected in the community. Would love to see what you can do behind the wheel of a CSM seat!

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You are the man.

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Glad you finally decided to run. Not that you need it, but you have my votes.


Glad to see you running. Your public fleets are one of the best content I wait for every week, you definitely are one of the best out there. Of course, you have my vote!

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Grande Pando !! You have my vote !

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Can attest to that; you have been one of my favourite fc’s to fly under - even in big fleets which isn’t my usual fare.

Though I fear those fleets now are no more due to boosh changes :frowning:

I did not know that!!

Might actually log in lol

Bunch of changes happened that made hunting infinitely harder…

Probably one of only a handful of null candidates I would consider voting for as you always play to win on the field; not before you undock :slight_smile:

+1 from me!

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He’s an real-deal expert yet one of the nicest most humble guys you’ll ever meet. Thousands of guys would drop everything for him, he only needs to ask.

First, you have to know what you’re talking about., on most all aspects of the game. Check!
Then you need the organization and people skills to get things done in a large group. Check!

CCP should really should just pay Pando to be on their dev team. It would save them money.

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You have my votes.

Glad you decided to run.

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Love seeing Pando running. Its been so cool to see your success over time. I cant really think of a better candidate from sov null. Im confident he’ll be able to see past his own perspective to understand others in the community in order to represent all players to CCP.

Much love, Pando.

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A great and well informed character. Pando is good people and deserves your vote

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After your last major run-in with CCP… what on god’s green earth made you decide you want to work closer with the spodbrains?

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