Paragon Tutorial


Is there anyway to prevent or opt-out of doing the Paragon tutorial. It’s excessively long and I’m fine with doing it on one account. But I do NOT want to have to click through each one on 12 accounts, it would legit take me an hour.

I’ve looked through all the menus and I can’t find a way to prevent this thing from popping up. I just want to log on and play and not get spoon-fed excessive dialog on every account. (Good initiative, bad judgement CCP)


don’t have 12 accounts
i have one
and it give me plenty problems

I’m talking that from a place of love :heart:

i dont even know whatt is a paragon tutorial

I was thinking as an old player I keep missing all the noob new content.

But then I made a new char and quit it when I was finally in a station and still couldn’t use 80% of the full EVE interface. Like seriously: skip button !

:open_mouth: paragon missions have tutorial ?

Yes, it has a tutorial where it forces you to put on skins and use the NES. There is not way to avoid it. Its there everytime you login until you complete it.

Have you tried looking in Esc Menu?

You cannot skip it, I went so far as petitioning to try and make it stop, it cannot be done. Enjoy your free destroyer and 1 plex.

Thank you for the update.

yea I was thinking about petitioning as well… its ridiculous.

:open_mouth: you get 1 plex for doing tutorial ? Where tutorial ?

I’m not sure to ask this, but had you tried actually completing it ? If you already know everything it tells ya, fast forward cheap click FTW.

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