Partial Fixes

I’m really unimpressed with the recent trend of “quick fixes” or “partial fixes”. Especially because none of these issues are new or unexpected emergencies.

Things like “We will nerf ECM and fix the affected ships later”. I’m sorry, as a developer myself I have to call foul, that is a total hack. With wardec, the announced change of allowing only wardecs and structures and we will “figure the rest out later”. This has been a issue discussed for YEARs and they could not take the time now to do a finished design?

Whether a person agrees with the changes or not, partial fixes are simply an issue of poor workmanship.

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Recent trend? Recent? Seriously?

You new? Get hit in the head and suffered memory loss?

When has CCP ever thought something through before tossing it into the game ?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


As someone also in IT it grates on my nerves too. It isn’t a fix if it doesn’t actually fix things. When I’ve seen this before it’s often as a result of Agile-ish methodology.

Managing the balance in a complex system such as this doesn’t lend itself to sprint releases (though fixes after a major release probably do)

The ECM change should never have been released without the affected ships being amended at the same time.

With a new captain at the helm and haemorrhaging sub numbers a partial fix or band aid was needed.

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You mean this is just like the door in the captains quarters :rofl:

You mean for the 10+ year old ECM issue or the 6+ year old wardec issue?

There was no emergency, prior neglect of a problem doesn’t make an emergency.

Reminds me of kids doing an assignment like a term paper that was out there the whole semester, the night before.

Nope I meant the bitter vet sarcastic post issue, looks like you got the memo lmao, I mean the new buyer has had a look at our ■■■■ and wants a quick fix issue.

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