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If you see a group of ratters in low sec and they’re all tanked towards the rats and have a giant EM hole, but you can exploit it with either lasers or EMP, can you warp to them, kill one in 4 volleys, scoop the loot, and then make a safe getaway?

Man, in low sec you can shoot whom you want…

nothing stopping you trying, until you get baited by a battle procurer or something.

You never not take the bait though. It’s EVE tradition. :wink:

i do this semi-frequently in a 720mm artillery loki. find target either with d-scan or combat probes, decloak, blap in a volley or two, scoop loot, GTFO. i don’t take on groups, though. ventures, prospects, explorers and cruiser-sized ratters are my main targets. you can get some good drops.

if you’re REALLY patient, you can also patrol systems with DED 5 & 6 sites with a t3 cruiser and blast anyone who runs them, targeting their resistance hole. i use dotlan to see what areas are good for patrolling (ideally a circle), bookmark every site, and just patrol and look for targets of opportunity.

Yeah I was sort of wondering if it was possible to take on groups. Against a lone target with a resistance hole, this shouldn’t be too difficult for a dedicated PVP ship if he doesn’t warp away. A group would be tricky. However, if they have a resistance hole, the first target should go down really fast right? Even if you can’t beat all 4 (or more), as long as you can take down one and then make a getaway, that’s still a solo killmail right?

with my 720mm arty loki, i was able to harass groups of frigs by targeting the weakest and most expensive-looking one that’s stationary (or has minimal transversal velocity), decloak and fire a single volley, then recloak quickly. most of the time the target should die and his mates would be too slow to react.

groups of bigger ships (like cruisers), i usually avoid, coz they’ll survive the first volley.

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Cool, so the answer is, you did it!

The challenge is usually the find/catch, not the kill … as I’m flying around in a disposable Hecate I tend to engage almost everything I can catch and looks worth trying (check zkill) and see what happens. :slight_smile:

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“disposable” and “Hecate” in same sentence.

*Cries in poor

Reminds me of this one:

I was killing off someone’s MTU when he started scanning me down, I saw his ship so thought should be no issue but recalled drones so they get back to can pop him faster, he warped to me and scrammed, I did the same and started shooting him with missiles, my Hammer IIs didn’t even return in time from the long distance to shoot him before he got popped by the missiles alone. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: However he was not or didn’t seem salty about it so that’s something.

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Agree it’s relative, my starting point doesn’t make me feel a loss. But I’m about break even with losses and loot, over time I think. Sometimes you score a couple 100M drop.

Cloaky is the dishonorable way to hunt, but high-dps toys like polarized battleships, attack BCs, HAM shield cruisers, and other such things can also be fun for separating a group, killing their dictor in a few shots, and running away.

HAMsss I like

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