Passive income (low sec only) moons (POS Mining)


The question is would this help create more conflict in a low sec if the corps can go back to passive income moon mining from POS in low sec only? If we can limit what size strut can be used in space then we should be allowed to do the same for a low sec only.

What we are going to request here is to allow POS to passively moon mine again for only seconds. We see many miners in high-sec moon mining, and null-sec as well. But we rarely see it happen in low sec. Seeing waste of moons not being used for conflict or game content blows our mines away! With low sec also comes capital ships which would make quick work on these POS. Lets bring it back and see where it can go once again!

I’m only here to post new ideas or game-changing ideas.
(I won’t reply back to the post!)

It’s time we work hard to keep adding new content to the game!
See yea in space!

There’s plenty of conflict in the fw warzone. Not every system needs to be Somalia.

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I think there is a fundamental problem with ship balance in EVE online but i could be wrong. But from personal experience, i have been getting owned by frigates when im in a destroyer. It makes me not want to upgrade to a cruiser because then i would just be getting owned by a destroyer? This makes PVP kinda boring? So even if there was more stuff to PVP over, maybe more PVP wont happen due to other issues

Your suggestion would change nothing, because as with any other lucrative source of income, it would only get shared between the few major power groups. And to prevent horrible losses, most likely even in an agreement, so the cake is shared instead of being fought over and the additional income is used to fortify the own position of power and to keep all competition down.

The issue that strangles the thin air out of the lungs of EVE is named “Power Projection”. As long as you can easily jump instantly on anyone with complete superior force from lightyears away, all these complaints about not enough conflict will not change anything. Power projection must be cut down seriously, so even the larger croups can only control a small area of space, and for all other endeavours they have to actually travel long distances in ships, in space, where they can be ambushed, intercepted and cut-off from their allmighty cyno hotdrop umbrella.

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We don’t use POS sticks and CCP will never touch POS sticks again. We use the glory that is citadels.

Only thing CCP will do is remove POS sticks if they ever bother to figure that out with spaghetti code.

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Thanks for the daily laugh.

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I think this has more to do with you being new and inexperienced. Your total dps isn’t very high because you’re not using t2 weapons, and you went full glass cannon build so you have no tank at all.

You could jump the best performing ship (assuming there is one) into the warzone, and you’d end up losing it shortly after if you don’t know how to fly it properly.

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