Progression is underwhelming

Works for what?
A game set on rails? Sure.
A sandbox? Not so much.

SP is the progression in EvE.
Ships are tools, and every ship has its use.

–Gadget has a large toolbox


“Progression” :joy:
This is my progression: Free Corvettes then Catalyst then Hecate. Only small turrets with specialized ammo. Period.

equal is boring, ships need to be different. eve pvp is like a complex version of rock, paper, scissors not one can beat all (or it needs to get nerfed asap)

Well my creative juices are kinda spent. And some of the most recent replies arent particularly inspiring. So ima head off. Cya later

A general advice, maybe try mastering the game as it is, before suggesting changes to its core. :wink: The game you see today is the evolution of 20 years or balancing and tuning. There are good reasons for each of the things and how they work.

If you feel bored, you can always ask here for suggestions what to do, or play something else.


Well maybe if you tried to figure out how PvP works as it does today, you’d have informed creative ideas. Instead of „getting pwned by frigates in your destroyer“ and then going to the forums to try to change the entire game to make up for your losses:


I just want to say one last thing. All this work that has been put into the game over the years to achive balance that currently exists. It really seems like players enjoy it. Because 10 years ago there was 60k people online where as today there is barely 25k online at peak. So dont act like the game is in some kind of wonderful balance when more players are consistently leaving than joining. Queue the usual excuses.


Bye, sweetie. Enjoy the next multi-decade old game you show up to “fix”.

–Gadget waves


You better turn off email notifications because i will be back soon enough with a told you so. So you better start running

Yep, and not only that, SMALLER ships become more dangerous to you. Imagine if CCPs hierarchy was applied in the real world. lol.

Bigger = less dangerous in CCPs universe.

Also, I’ll repeat this on every post no matter the topic forever more. Every ship costs too much in materials and time to make. Make ships more accessible and increase mining yields. More ships = cheaper ships = more fun for everyone.


Good luck with that.


All your ideas are absolutely terrible.

It is fine when players suggests how to make the game better, but if these players doesn’t know how the game work and didn’t even played it much then it results to threads like these with which you are only making fool of yourself.

Please learn the game before suggesting any other bullsh…


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lamer threat.


Going to a bigger ship is not progression.


It’s better to hook a fish by its tail than it’s head!

/alright it didn’t come out the way I wanted but still made me laugh!

Going to a bigger ship is not progression

I guess we agree

These changes are not that bad anyway.

  1. The bigger ships can lock a target faster than smaller ships
  2. Nearly all ships receive a reduction in align times. The bigger ones receive the biggest reduction
  3. Ship bonuses will not discriminate against size of turret

These are simple changes that buffs bigger ships. You can still yeet around in a frigate and gank whatever. But targeting is slower and you may find yourself fighting against a cruiser that fitted small weps that can track you at close range so get rekt. This cruiser will likely lose to a cruiser that fitted medium weps. I hope you understand how the game improves from this or can prove me wrong?


Once again, not how burden of proof works. Illogical. And still bad ideas with poor assessments.

To summarize, you want a lazy “I win button” for your “big ship” to punch down instead of having to think and work for your victory. The game is designed otherwise. Bigger ships can’t stand alone against organized gangs of smaller ships on purpose. Even in real life a lone carrier will be wrecked by a bunch of fast boats without support fleet.

Learn to play.


Your “creative juices” are more than a little off.
Maybe learn a thing or two about eve before suggesting massive changes that you don’t understand the ramifications of.
Your killboard suggests you have very little experience at pvp in this game. So I question your credentials to be calling for such changes.