Patch Notes for March 2020 Releases

It’s taking isk but not putting an entry in the transaction log.

time to do some traveling i recommend going out to a hi sec that doesnt get much traffic and looking around… may need some help with d-scan but a quick search on uyoutube would do

A few additions:

Features & Changes

  • Removed old video from in-game billboards. Everyone has a clear vision now.
  • Added 16 new videos to the in-game billboards; 15 ship videos and 1 Guristas video.

Defect Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where PLEX could be lost after buying from multiple orders at the same time.


  • Updated Aura conversations for German, Russian and French
  • Fixed text formatting and language inconsistencies for German, Russian and French

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where buttons to Upgrade to Omega and Buy Plex in the Daily Login Campaigns window didn’t work.

Well I guess you really did remove it.

In fact you guys removed it so good that all orders of Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles in the Regional Markets are no longer listed. Also the Auto-link option for text in chat won’t acknowledge those as an in-game item.

(I noticed this a day or two ago, submitted a Bug Report and the issue is still in-game)

Skin redemption failure

Skins fail to redeem if claimed at same time as the crate, missing 2 x osprey skins


I wondered too where it went, had to look around a bit.

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Yeah that’s messed up.

Now we no longer have option to sell or trade them to other characters.


Mine disappeared into the ether on all accounts. I got the crates, but not the Osprey skins.

lucky you, no skins for me, its gone

CCP just trolled reddit hard.

Still need Quafe adverts though.

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Is there an option to just turn that crap off yet?

If you play in low shaders (like I had to start doing pretty much 95% to 99% of my playtime the past couple years as graphical improvements keep getting added and cloud/gas/fog lag from dungeons keeps getting ignored during patches)…

Then your billboards in station are just static SCOPE posters with no adverts. One plus to it! plus certain skins (glacial drift NM) look better in low shader than high.

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