Patch v 19.03 items

Can anyone tell me where the things listed below, introduced in this patch, actually drop?

Counter-Subversion Sensor Array
Nanoscale Filter Plate
Electro-Neural Signaller
Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller
Nano Regulation Gate
Meta-Molecular Combiner
Isotropic Deposition Guide
LM-Composite Molecular Condenser
AG-Composite Molecular Condenser
CV-Composite Molecular Condenser
AV-Composite Molecular Condenser

Not sure about the first 7 items but the last 4 drop in the Improved Covert Research Facilities.

Thanks for that information. I do a lot of exploration sites and in my recent experience both Ghost and Sleeper sites of any type have been very rare. From memory, just 1 Superior and 1 Standard Sleeper in perhaps 3 months. RNG god needs a nudge.

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