Patchnotes november: Wallet change seems strange

In the Patchnotes for november there’s this line:

  • Renamed ‘Journal’ tab in the Wallet window to ‘Transactions’ for clarity.

Seems logical on it’s own, but for one issue: there’s already a tab by that name, that shows transaction with all the tax etc. removed. So… what’s going to happen to the old one? Or will we have 2 tabs with the same name? I don’t see how that’s going to help clariry…


We now have a Transactions tab and a … Market Transactions tab? :thinking: This makes things sooo much clearer. There are definitely noooo things that would be more important to help users find more clarity in their wallet.


It is widely known that ccp develops using separate teams that are basically secluded from each other and most of the “regular/average” devs dont play the game actually

Those in some notoriously incompetent management and POOF PSSSSHHHH


Could you imagine a big game studio doing this joke?

I hate to break it to you but, CCP is a larger game studio.

And it is not uncommon for most of the developers of major game companies to not play the game they work on. I can’t imagine everyone at Blizzard plays WoW. So what CCP did is actually not bad… it like everything needs streamlining and tweaking.

It may take some time to get used to. The best part of the change is adding the word “market” to both of today’s tabs “Orders” and “Transactions”. These two tabs become perfectly clear as “market orders” and “market transactions”. But changing “Journal” to the single word “Transactions”? Meh.

What you seem to have missed is that there already IS a tab called transactions.
The patchnotes make it sound like the post-patch Wallet will read:
Transactions - Shares - Orders - Transactions

I didn’t miss it …

both of today’s tabs “Orders” and “Transactions.”

You are right, patch notes leave out the rename of “Transactions” to “Market Transactions”.
However, you may have missed the patch notes line above the (imo, not needed ) Journal change:

  • Renamed ‘Orders’ tab in the Wallet window to ‘Market Orders’ for clarity.
  • Renamed ‘Journal’ tab in the Wallet window to ‘Transactions’ for clarity.

Yeah, if that’s the case, that would solve the main issue. I assume you know this from Sisi? Either way, will we then now have 2 tabs, “Transactions” and “Market Transactions” almost next to eachother? I don’t see clarity there…

Edit to add: just realized it’s the 13th. Guess I’ll find out when I get home. :slight_smile:

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