Wallet Remarks Everywhere!

Here’s an idea that has been rattling around my mind for some time and that would enhance the play experience for traders, industrialists and corp/alliance directors alike.

Basically, what I propose is that every for every action that can cause a wallet journal entry you can set a remark string that will be added to the journal entries it caused in whatever wallet it was tied to. By that I mean that when you submit a buy/sell order or set up an industry job (any type) there should be an extra entry asking for a remark string. That remark string gets added to all wallet entries associated with that order/job, be they income, expenditure, tax, etc. This could be expanded to missioning/ratting, where there could be a place you could enter a string before you go out (maybe as part of a fleet setup) and maybe in that case any corp tax wallet entries generated would also get this tag.

The main reason this would help industrialists is that it would allow them to more easily keep track if the income/expenditure involved with multiple projects at once and also would simplify grouping multiple phases of a single project together. Grouping the jobs from multiple toons working on multiple projects correctly (by project) would also be vastly simplified. Wallet remarks would also allow those multiple projects to share a corporate wallet.

As an example, consider a shipbuilding enterprise building several dozen each of Manticores and Purifiers as well as a dozen Golems. With wallet remarks the materials buyer could concurrently put up all buy orders involved while still being able to fairly simply keep track how much is being spent for each project. The same would happen to every other phase of the projects (invention, T1 build, T2 component build, Final Assembly) without it becoming an exercise in Accounting In Space. This becomes even more true if these projects are efforts run by multiple toons.

Traders would have the ability to handle separate orders from multiple clients simultaneously with much less chance of mixups while still allowing the trading to be done within one wallet (personal or corp).

Just use a spread sheet and manage your funds better.

It is far easier to use existing external third party data management than anything CCP would like to put forth the effort to support.

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