Paying for storing assets in any stations

Dude you look like a smart guy and I don’t understand why you want to introduce such ■■■■ to the game what already been crippled by all you nerfs and such innovations, this game is boring for newcomers, if they learn, that they also have to pay for storing their stuff, pooping in the station and parking in jita, they gonna leave and spread the word about mmo, where you have to pay even for storing your stuff, call at least one mmo game, where you have to pay for storing your stuff

If you want to punish people, just make concord and cops gank folks, who don’t want to pay their rent for storing stuff, its gonna be fun at least

  • Some people put stockpiles in different places for war, or to reduce travel times. For example, more people are storing copies of incursion ships in different spots since niarja fell.
  • Some PvP’ers will buy 10 or more copies of ships at time so that they don’t have to run to market every time they lose a ship.
  • Many players get into different activities, and/or do different roles -which require different fits and ships.
  • Having stuff on hand reduces the chance of having to make a market run when you want to put something together for you or a friend (you have no idea how many times I put together a fit for a friend in order to fly with me).
  • In fact, many FC’s/communities will keep spare ships on hand to lend out to people (here’s a recent post by an incursion community saying that they have loaner praxi…praxi…praxeese?). People want to play the game, not sit around with their thumbs up their asses while their fleetmates run to market. And this becomes especially important for gank fleets, who lose ships up to every 15 minutes. In fact, I personally don’t move anything less than a freighter full of catalysts when I do my logistics.
  • Many people will stockpile based on in universe events (looming war, resource harvesting disruptions) or dev comments (i.e. CCP said they were going to buff marauders like a month before actually doing it). They do so in order minimize costs, ensure no interruption to their operations, maintain war readiness, and/or make easy money.
  • Many people do swing trading/long term trading. Oz has a video about it, but the short an skinny are that there are two types of trading. Margin trading is when you create buy orders for items that have a good margin, and immediately create sell orders as your buy orders are filled. Swing trading is when you buy things that you believe to be currently undervalued, so that you can sell for more money when prices recover/go up.
  • Finally, there are collectors out there that collect stuff. I have not gone all out like some people have, but I hold on to what I come across -such as all the random lore stuff that I have found/been given and random special edition ships like council diplomatic shuttles and victoreaux (spelling?) luxury yachts.

And, I’ll probably thing of more stuff later, but this is good enough for now. What’s important to note here is that you have failed to account for the needs, wants, and desires of many players and play styles when suggesting your change. And for what? Not only will your change come with a lot of disadvantages, but you still haven’t made a compelling argument for why you think it will result in any sort of good.

For example, what does this even mean? What do you mean by restore value to things? Does that mean drive prices up? Are you trying to make losses more meaningful? And why is that a good thing? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that capital ships should be disposable or anything, but I dispute the idea that scarcity breeds war and conflict. This might be true at an organizational level, but high prices make many players risk adverse, and make some players log off and go play other games for a while (because they don’t want to spend a bunch of time replacing their losses during the era of resource scarcity or whatnot). In fact, I’m going to make a prediction right now. CCP will eventually move away from Hillmar’s desire to make losses more meaningful again because they will find that it suppresses activity.

Finally, this whole thread kind of pisses me off. It’s people not considering how a change impacts everyone that results in various demographics getting shafted by changes. It’s why you hear the word “collateral” damage get thrown around, especially by wormholers. I mean, the fact that I have to sit here and explain how your idea will impact various players and play styles to you indicates that you have not thought this out, and that does kind of piss me off, because that’s how people get screwed. It would be one thing if you failed to predict the 2nd or 3rd order effects of a change, but this is first order stuff right here. So, you really have no excuse.
No P2W
Oh, and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re being hyperbolic with the titan comment. Because, if not, that’s just evidence that you have no idea what you’re talking about.


CCP cares, because a player you drive away with this moronic change is a player that won’t be sending them any more RL ISK. Believe me, if I was away for whatever reason and CCP took all my assets and shoved them down a garbage disposal, I would uninstall and never return.

Better material sink idea: badposting consumables. You have to build or buy them within X days after making an objectively awful post like this or your capsuleer license is revoked and your character biomassed. At least that only hits active people.


… I have i think 320 or so in a single staging station we can go through about 20-80 a week depending on how crap we are.


Just to add to the ‘cases’ I run Operation Magic School Bus and have ships in each and every career system, ready to hand out to new pilots.



@Joshua_Tranm did you really , i mean really think of your proposition before typing it out, and how much this is going to affect gameplay for each and every person, and not in a good way, much less the fact that it is a horrible Idea (and CCP’s track record is applying horrible ideas (much to the dismay of Mike and Brisc)).


so you feel like you’re behind and you want to delete other people’s hard work so that you are made equal.

Ever read Harrison Bergeron?

No no no no NOOOO.

I’m the leader of the incursion group that @Shipwreck_Jones mentioned in his post above. We get maybe 1 incursion spawn out of several on the Jita/Dodixie side so we have a stable of ships sitting unused until we need it. I can tell you having to pay rent for the stuff in those locations outside of the monthly rent for corp hangers would mean I wouldn’t have the isk to invest into Eve Rookies (and we don’t just do incursions… I do other things with new players as well).

Also, I’m a newbro pvp FC. This means I get hulls and other parts donated to me on a regular basis to pass out to people to fly with so they don’t blow up their own assets. Sometimes I have to go pick the stuff up and because I FC 5+ nights a week it could be weeks or months before I go make rounds to gather things up. I’d be bankrupt and have to stop this activity.

Out of all the isk sinks, this would literally put someone working hard to bring things for new players to do to a screeching halt.

If we want to see a real change, how about hanger spaces you can share between alts or people NOT in your corporation. THAT I would gladly be the first to pay isk for.

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And dude, you have power to change things, you are a part of CSM - a cool guy with shiny boots

General idea of your proposal should be

NOT how to change the game by punishing folks, pissing them off and making them go and let ccp lose cash and spread a bad fame of Eve


to motivate people to stay in the game, come back and bring more cash for ccp to put in the pockets and also create new cool content :hugs: to make folks stay in the game and spread good word of Eve
NOT word about excel grind asylum where you have to pay for weird ■■■■ like storing, but game where you get freaking chests with shiny unique ships and skins if you buy premium and pvp
because if content and chests are cool even people, who never buy plex for cash gonna do it to support the game and reward devs

Just imagine a person buying omega every month and just enjoying game say in higsec mining in his retriever and watching .orn or running LP or lvl4 missions, abbysal or whatever and when suddenly realizing, that he pays plex and has now to pay isk he earns for storing his ships or one day he logs and all his ■■■■ is gone

This is how attracting players into playing with omega looks to me

just imagine, that after mining veldspar for 500 mil isk, he unlocks an achievement and gets say a venturauder in a special LP store for omega, but only if he buys plex through ccp store,
Introduce a lot of types of venturauders cool looking with different bonuses, weapons etc

modules for venturauders are unique and expensive and interchangable like t3

  • and he also can use it for jumping between systems to avoid annoying and dangerous gate jumping, jumping modules are expensive and wear over time he also needs an alt with omega for cyno - more cash for game dev, crack and whores
  • venturauder subsystem for scanning and covert ops
  • venturauder subsystem for extra armor and damage for pvp and ratting - if used for pvp a player gets freaking chests after killing players: depending from power of victims and solo or gang kills he gets points, which can be activated to get a chest with a piece of a faction drednought like 1 fragment from 50 or 1/400 of faction super carrier (exact distribution should be adjusted in progress not devalue faction dreds);
    Other way to get points are abyssal like sites, that could also be activated only with a venturauder, so a person can buy or get a filament, but to enter he would need a venturauder - buy plex from ccp and invest in game

So may proposal could sound like a madness to you, but this is a way to go, not reducing opportunities and storage space or jump energy, but always expanding and offering new content, that will make people wish invest in a game and attract newcomers, because they have played other mmorg, they will compare Eve with other mmorg-games

Your idea is almost as bad as OPs

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What is OP

The original poster

And the op is not on csm