PC/WTS 57m Support Alt

looking for a rough price and if i like it sale of my Alt pilot (can extract for 47B)

PW: 1234

Pilot can fly A/G/M Fax with T2 triage
all Race logi (not trig)
T2 Armor and info links in damnation
Can Fly 3 racial carriers (not perfect but has skills)

pilot was used as a incursion boosting pilot and logi pilot, when not doing them ran Burners in venal

Has a Full Geno pod with missile implants - https://imgur.com/a/W01reRT

Has pos wallet
will be in HS by time of sale in above pod
no KR
Pos Sec Stat

all CCP rules apply - pilot is in a NPC corp


Just guessed.

40b b/o

thanks i wasnt aware i had set a PW

43b b/o

44 b b/o

Thanks for offer but I can extract for more.

Also bump



Prob will strip in next few days if no one is interested,

Will not take offers below extraction value

45 bil

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