Peace in our time

Then, all due respect, you shouldn’t be here either.

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Some bold words from someone in the bed with a Mary priest.


This is her thread.

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Then keep killing each other and creating more trauma. It really makes no difference to me. I’ve my own stake in this game and when that’s done, I’m going home.


Whoa! That’s a good one! I’ve never heard that one before!

And for the record, I said that because this is a thread about “peace in our time,” and you’ve thrown in your lot behind someone who simply wants to murder to get there. As you’ve pointed out with regard to Midular’s coup, that’s not peace. Unless, of course, violence suits when it’s toward your ends?

So maybe check where I’m coming from before you start throwing lameass attempts at insults in my general direction. Especially considering I’m the only Sebiestor who’s openly had your back in telling off the RSS.

And the moment she posted it, it belonged to the community.

I’d really rather we didn’t. I just don’t think it’s likely to end as long as people greatly misinterpret one another’s actions and reasons.

I mean, the really perverse thing about this is that we’re not the only ones. We’re not. The Amarr are just as twisted by all of this as we are. Some of it’s subtle, some of it’s less subtle. I mean, sure, there’s the whole psychological blow of the Rebellion, and Val’Akioth and stuff, but that’s not the real damage. I mean… think about it.

For thousands of years, they had this self-image of invincibility, of divine superiority. How’s that gonna twist them? How is lifetime after lifetime of looking down on everyone going to horribly skew their ability to even empathize with non-Amarr? After all, running the Empire the way it’s run… in some ways, it requires a lack of genuine empathy. It’s really little wonder they don’t recognize trauma, after so many generations of training themselves not to see it, of convincing themselves ‘that’s a sign of progress and healthy change’.

And that expectation of superiority… it creates personal expectations, too. How screwed up will people be when they’re told, generation after generation, that God says they’re perfect, so they better not be anything less than that?

It leads to people who can’t dare admit to errors. In some ways, the Rebellion was probably the healthiest thing that’s ever happened to the Empire. And that’s pretty screwed up on its own, ain’t it?

Yes, I’ll rather keep a brother-in-arms even if he wants war than send him off with Mitara ■■■■■■■ Newelle. Sue me.

Today was enlightening. I’ve learned a lot about all of you. Some things I wish I didn’t, but I’ve come to accept what I cannot control.


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Her latest message to the Kril Efrit wasn’t her telling him and RSS off. It was her trying to reconcile with them given a particularly nasty situation in her home town.

She is one of the capsuleers that has done the most to improve the situation of the Republic and of our people, because at the end of the day, the freedom and the security of our people is amongst the strongest prerequisites for peace. Eslebeth and I do not agree on alot, spirits know, however she’s earned the respect that she’s due.

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Noted. Thanks.

You should not be so quick to claim honors you have not earned. The ‘Open Letter’ was not telling off the RSS, and though you may have been the only one trying to make it so, you are far from the only Sebiestor who has been critical of them and supportive of Rhiannon’s efforts in relation to that matter.

Indeed that letter was intended more as an appeal to take action in favor of internal peace than it was ‘telling someone off’.


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Don’t be so quick to find delight in conflict, Priano.

Speaking of finding delight in conflict, how much ISK have you earned thus far from those moons the Consortium allow LUMEN to exploit…?

It’s a loss. The 5% tax rate is below fuel expense for the structure. Thus, we are subsidizing industrial activity by those who benefit from the infrastructure.

What will be your next attempt at a low blow?

Nothing. The Consortium has done enough on its own to show its hypocrisy toward neutrality after Kahah.

Mr. Nomistrav, I remain impressed at how vigorously you throw yourself into attacking others with whatever ignorant insult you contrive.

It’s as Suresha Bataav has often said, I suppose.

edit; in any case, let’s let this little scuffle end, so that we don’t further derail Captain Rhiannon’s thread.


Less of an insult and more an observation, really. Just seems a little strange to offer aid and support to the Empire loyalists and then espouse that it’s unrelated to the subject of conflict between the Amarr and the Minmatar. Others might have been considered appeasers, but I suppose from a Caldari it’s to be expected.

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I shall take my leave of this thread for, as some have rightly pointed out, compared to some in this thread I am an intellectual minnow on this subject - a course of action some others on both sides might be best off following.

I, however, wanted to thank @Arrendis for explaining something I could never hope to understand otherwise. It has given me pause for thought and has made me reconsider some views I had prior. I still will hold that hope is required to obtain peace but I understand better now why that may not be possible for some at this time or any time in the near future.

Thank you.