Peak Horizons Recruiting NOW!

We are looking for new and experienced players, miners, and industrial manufacturers, don’t worry we didn’t forget the haulers
-We are active
-Mining ops on fridays for 2-4hours with boosts
-We give help when needed
-We go by ranking system
-We do some WH space ratting
-We have a station setup
-Corp tax is 0%
-We are experienced null sec and pvp and indy we can help teach anything that needs to be taught
very friendly people have ties to null sec Providence
-We understand not everyone can play the game 24/7 we do not penalize for tardiness unless its over a week no show
-We pay out for Corp mining ops that go on or events
-We use discord to communicate verbally and organize ourselves
Thank you for taking the time to look at our form and we hope you are interested in joining our crew

-Still recruiting

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