People get used to the old or how every new feature should have an option to adjust/disable it. What can you think of?

What features can you think of, that you would rather have adjusted or disabled in game?

I can think of 2 examples from recent times, where a new feature gave some people headaches:

  1. introducing the new scanning UI with all it’s sounds. While I personally find the new UI much more comfortable, the positioning probes sound was too much for me after some time.
    A friend living in a wormhole absolutely hated the dscan sound because of the amount of times he had to hear it while simply checking dscan often.
    Another friend of the same corp preferred dragging the size of probe formation with a mouse because it could be done lazily, using 1 hand instead of 2.
    Thankfully at the time the old scanning UI could be turned back on and after some time, the secondary interfaces sound option slider was added.

  2. the chat bubble. Just yesterday I participated in the SISI chat mass test and today someone asked me if I could still see the bubble, because oh my God he hates it so much. I thought “are the devs aware?”, so I went to forums, I could see no thread and good thing there’s the “Your topic is similar to…” because now I know there’s been at least 5 threads about it.

The point is naturally CCP wants to improve Eve but as we can see, some things aren’t being caught even on the test server. And while I can’t think of other game examples out of top of my head, I’m pretty sure I remember major rages of players in other games over changes that were other than balance changes. What I’m saying is, devs around the world make the same mistakes.
Why not make Eve better in this regard?
Can’t we simply have an option launched together with a new feature, to adjust or disable that feature?
Every time?

  1. EVE has sound?
  2. Speaking as a programmer, this would be a QA nightmare. It simply isn’t possible.
  3. Speaking as a player, CCP stop the ■■■■■■■ UI/UX redesigns! They make the game ■■■■■■■ unplayable!!!11111one

Then at least add the disable button, would it really be that hard?

Yes. If they let you disable that, they have to offer a replacement. QA has to test both independently. Both can break independently, both have to be maintained independently. Adding choice adds development complexity, which is something CCP wants to reduce as much as possible. Gives them more time they can spend on shoving micro transactions and unfinished content down our throats. Mostly micro transactions.


Well, hope dies last. Can you think of anything other you’d rather have adjusted or disabled?

Yeah, about half the ■■■■ they added in the past 3 years. Starting with billboards.


The devs need to ■■■■ or get off the pot, either the new thing is ready and it replaces the old, or it is not.

Old and new is a joke, there is a point where you can listen to your customers too much, they need to keep in mind ~99.3241790% of the customer base are amateur software designers :open_mouth:

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Not quite that simple…
When you do things like this, you may overlook simple but game breaking things that can easily be found by mass testing before release. This is a form of mass testing, without having people log into the test server to test it.

It also gives people time to adjust to it… some people dont adjust to change quickly or even well at all.

Or at least the should put work into things that actually needs work. Its not like the scanner UI was the worst thing and needed a facelift again.

There is stuff like the locator agent UI, which is a simple text box, which completely locks the screen, does not even support drag&drop and looks like it was just added as a prototype 15 years ago and got never actually a proper implementation.

I don’t get why does things are ignored while stuff which was fine gets reinvented over and over again.

And yes the new d-scann window is still bugged when used as a tab…

Makes me think of 2 things, 1st is enough people must use a feature for devs to spend time to improve it and 2nd those people using it must voice their opinion more. That’s why I made this thread, so the (small) things to improve could be gathered.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people ignore locator agents or even don’t know about them so this could explain why it’s the way it is.

oh cool, thanks

Well with that said, and explanation how complex the code could get, I guess the thread is depleted.

I hate this…

I expect to see the video of CCP development process in this thread somewhere.

As someone who is sensitive to flicker, the animated advertising in stations really bothered me and I was hoping for a way to turn them off. CCP sort of obliged with outside view for structures. It’s a minor nuisance now to point the camera at the floor if I dock at Jita or some other NPC station.

Anyone still remember old aura sounds like “warp drive active”?

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