Perfect Super Carrier + Carrier Pilot

Amarr Carrier 5 Minmatar Carrier 5 has Hel Headhunter Skin and Aeon Khanid Skin
Also can fly FAX’s with Armour skills to 5 and most shield to 4/5

Name is Suzan Skyrim, has 68.2 Mil SP’s has a Full High grade Slave Pod with the Slot 6 High Grade Slave Omega too. Password: Suzan

I will pay for the Transfer Fee

CCP Rules apply ofcourse :slight_smile:

Also CAn fly FAX’s

Beginning bid - 60 Bil

Buyout - 80 Bil

FYI: first time doing this :slight_smile:

60 bil

Sold :slight_smile:

Have messaged in game and await your response :slight_smile:

Logging in to complete the transaction now…

Edit: ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks!

Thank you, i have fully paid the transfer fee and its on its way to you :slight_smile:

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