Performance issues

I am based in Asia.

I am experiencing very inconsistent log in times, anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minute.

I am also experiencing issues in game where my client does not receive updates for a period of time (for example damage to a target ship) and module activation is extremely slow. This events can last for an entire session and the delay can be 10s to 2 minutes. Minutes will pass, then the client will receive a whole backlog of events.

My WiFi connection is good and my PC spec is well above the requirements. I am also running as optimised for performance and close all other programs.

Is there any way I can set up debug monitoring to try to capture data on these issues? It is making the game almost unplayable and has already cost me ships.


You running a VPN?

In-game, press Shift Alt Ctrl M and select the Network tab.

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No, no vpn. Would this help?

This type of issue tends to be best troubleshot with Support directly, have a look through:

SEA-ME-WE 5 cable has been cut since april 22nd and not yet been repaired yet(ETA supposedly around June 12). I think this affects all SEA regions. For me(and ALL of my friends in the same region) this has been causing the eve issues you have encountered especially near and after downtime. I suggest you try using VPN located in HK(and no definitely NOT ones in UK since the route is the same). It will solve the problem. Honestly, I feel this is a cloudflare routing problem CCP or cloudflare should do something about. Not something that users have to workaround. Don’t bother with support, they are clueless and you will get an answer to the tune of “ask your isp to fix the problem”.

This issue strangely cannot be diagnosed through ctrl+shift+m and looking at ping. When I am experiencing the “issue” all 3 pings(machonet, req broker etc) look just the same as when everything is working fine.

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