Slow Response times to commands in game

Having about a 15 sec delay between issueing delay and game responding done tests to make sure it wasnt my system and can confirm its not my system. Also took me almost 10 mins to log in hit play button in black screen for 5 mins till character window showed up click character another 5 mins of black screen before i logged in.

Have you checked your internet connection is working OK ? Try a ‘ping’ to the game servers.

Does anything else share your internet connection ? If so, try stopping all the competing processes and see if your response improves.

Run a virus-checker to make sure nothing else is using your bandwidth without your knowledge.

If on Windows, check to make sure that it’s not Microsoft continuously re-trying a download which kept failing.

If none of that helps, have a look at EVE Network Diagnostic Tool write-up

HTH, Good luck !

I’ve been suffering from something very similar myself lately. I’m in Texas, USA with AT&T. For somereason all commands are slow. Sometimes it’s fine, but it’s been bad frequently. EVE Network Diagonstic doesnt really show anything wrong with reasonable ping times, etc.

I then used my trusty VPN provider, and connected directly to their London access point.

What a difference.
Ping is similar but responsiveness is night and day improved.
If I disable the VPN, and try again; it’s slow response again…

If anyone has any thoughts on the reason for this and ‘how’ I can collect appropriate ‘proof’ to forward to my ISP provider to show them… I suspect it’s a packet inspection or routing issue with congestions; but I cant be sure… but what do I know?


Could it be a Net Neutrality issue ?

I have also noticed a 5ish second delay in isssuing commands, i am also on AT&T

@CCP or any ISP Jedi:
Any guidance on “HOW” one would put together a case to “PROVE” (Right or wrong) to a ISP (customer service) if there is an issue where VPN is “GOOD” but normal non-VPN is “NOT GOOD” for overall game experience when ‘ping’ is similar?

What tools/reports would you want to see from a user who makes a complaint?


P.s. Some Data:

Undock in a ship. Come to full stop. Warp to a near object. Take a time measurement between “CLICK” (initate warp) and “See the ship start to move in the direction of warp”.
a. NO VPN to UK from Dallas via AT&T: 5 seconds.
b. VPN to UK from Dallas via AT&T: 2 seconds.

Ping on both cases is approx 240.

I’m having the same issue on at&t in the midwest US. I jumped on a VPN and the issue is 100% cleared up, from 3-7 minute black screen on logging in to seconds.

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