Permanent Beligerent Status for Corporations?

Given that there are players who do not leave or who go back to NPC corporations and essentially shut themselves away from interacting with other players in the game by doing so I suggest a new status choice for corporations:

Permanent Belligerent Status, hereafter “PBS”

PBS choice/option should be a role available to directors only to turn on/off with 24 hour notice for the corporation.

Cost: 1 Billion ISK to activate. 0 ISK to deactivate.

Effects of PBS beginning 24 hours after activation:

  1. The corporation selecting to activate PBS is, until deactivated voluntarily, is permanently retained in the belligerent status.

  2. The PBS corporation is, upon activation, legally at war with all NPC corps except for concord and faction police. All NPC corporation pilots, non-player and players with over 14 days in the game may be engaged as war targets by the PBS corporation. PBS corporation players will appear as war targets to all NPC corporation player pilots. Harassing new players in starter systems should remain off limits.

  3. All of the PBS corporation pilots, though not their assets like structures, are in a continual state of being flagged as “suspect” (flashy yellow) and may engaged as such by any player in the game.

  4. Rules for aggression and normal wardecs apply normally. In other words player owned corporation pilots outside of the the PBS choice are still relatively protected by concord in hi-sec unless engaged in a wardec etc.

  5. Players who leave any corporation during a time when their corporation is part of a active wardec are tagged as NPC corporation players for the following 7 days even if they join another player corporation. This is meant to prevent abuse of the dissolve/reform mechanic and/or penalize them for abandoning their corpmates under pressure etc.

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So you consider a 14 day old pilot skilled enough for war?
How is being flashy yellow going to stop a blob of the “PBS” corp from roaming around and causing chaos?

New players would have no clue what this is all about and I do not really understand the point of this, you pay 1 bill isk to be suspect to everyone and at war with NPC corps, but players in NPC corps can choose to be at war? (Dunno if you meant it like that but when I see “May” I see it as an option.)

NPC Corps are a safe corp for people to learn how to play or to have a more tranquil lifestyle in High Sec, and you pretty much want to take that away from everybody (lets face it, there are corps that would LOVE to have this and gankers would adore being at war with potential targets.).

We got Faction Warfare for a reason I think, if people want to be in a war let them be in a war, but not against their will when they are in a NPC Corp.


:roll_eyes: You mean you pay just 1 Billion ISK for a target buffet beyond comparison? You are kidding, right?


So you’re from a rival game, yeah? You want to drive a decent chunk of the playerbase to quit completely?

make it 1b for 24 hours of making npc corps flashy for only the paying group

Just join, “Grrr…Goons”, problem solved:

  1. Everyone will hate you and…

  2. You’ll be killing noobs in highsec in no time.

… they would just create 1 player corps

which than they would get bored or some prick would still dec that one man corp (mines been dec’d several times) and they will still leave. Also all the small groups upset me as most of it is all inactive anyways.

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